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  1. I have a pattern that is calling for a “mr-magic ring” I don’t know what that might be. Can you help me please :)

  2. Hi . I found your tutorial on reading crochet patterns very helpful. I wish that you can give more exercises on reading a crochet pattern so that when I go to the real patterns (especially the head-spinning ones), I am already used to it and very much ready.
    Is it possible?
    Thank you


  3. Hi
    I am crocheting a baby dress for my friend. can you explain the folloiwing instructions: what is the meaning of OR, how am i supposed to proceed ? can u help please ?

    YOKE: With RS still facing and CA, ch 1, sc over end of last sc row, * ch 1, sc over next tr OR next ch-4, ch 1, work 1 sc over next 1 OR 2 sc rows; rep from * across; turn – 73 (81, 89) sc.


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