Bead Crochet Mesh Mobius

Crochet Cowl with Beads

A couple of years ago I invested in this luxury yarn, but I didn’t have a clue what to use it for. I simply loved the fox brown shade and now I found a pattern, that works great with the yarn. The crochet chart was a big […]

Hairpin Lace Neck Scarf

Silk Hairpin Scarf
I have always admired projects on Ravelry with this particular pattern and wanted to crochet this scarf! It is a wonderful pattern designed by hairpin lace buff Jennifer Hansen.

This summer a crochet book by Margaret Hubert caught my eye, and when I browsed through it at home, I […]

Bamboo Flower Scarflette Crochet

Bamboo Flower Scarflette
I fell over this pattern, when I was searching for spring patterns on Ravelry. I was looking for a scarf that was easy to make, pretty and comes with a chart. Charts are simply a neccessity for me, else I don’t get the project done. I hate noodling […]

Garnet Crochet Scarf

Garnet Scarf
This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. The Larksfoot stitch is a very common crochet stitch pattern. I found it in one of my stitch guide books and decided to make a scarf with it. The scarf is crocheted with 2 different yarn types: A tweed yarn […]

Japanese Lace Crochet Scarf No. 6

Crochet Scarf No. 6
Many times I have praised Japanese crochet patterns: They are easy to read because of their great charts and are often simple but always with a unique look. The scarf needs to be blocked, so the nice stitches comes out the best way.


The scarf is in a book which […]

Noro Silk Garden Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

Painted Desert Scarf
free crochet pattern

Noro Silk Garden

This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. It is made with double crochets and double treble stitches.

Years ago I travelled through the Painted Desert in the US. The minerals in the soil there make the desert appear in many colors: The red […]