Bead Crochet Mesh Mobius

Crochet Cowl with Beads

A couple of years ago I invested in this luxury yarn, but I didn’t have a clue what to use it for. I simply loved the fox brown shade and now I found a pattern, that works great with the yarn. The crochet chart was a big […]

Hairpin Lace Neck Scarf

Silk Hairpin Scarf
I have always admired projects on Ravelry with this particular pattern and wanted to crochet this scarf! It is a wonderful pattern designed by hairpin lace buff Jennifer Hansen.

This summer a crochet book by Margaret Hubert caught my eye, and when I browsed through it at home, I […]

Bamboo Flower Scarflette Crochet

Bamboo Flower Scarflette
I fell over this pattern, when I was searching for spring patterns on Ravelry. I was looking for a scarf that was easy to make, pretty and comes with a chart. Charts are simply a neccessity for me, else I don’t get the project done. I hate noodling […]

Garnet Crochet Scarf

Garnet Scarf
This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. The Larksfoot stitch is a very common crochet stitch pattern. I found it in one of my stitch guide books and decided to make a scarf with it. The scarf is crocheted with 2 different yarn types: A tweed yarn […]

Japanese Lace Crochet Scarf No. 6

Crochet Scarf No. 6
Many times I have praised Japanese crochet patterns: They are easy to read because of their great charts and are often simple but always with a unique look. The scarf needs to be blocked, so the nice stitches comes out the best way.


The scarf is in a book which […]

Noro Silk Garden Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

Painted Desert Scarf
free crochet pattern

Noro Silk Garden

This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. It is made with double crochets and double treble stitches.

Years ago I travelled through the Painted Desert in the US. The minerals in the soil there make the desert appear in many colors: The red […]

Papillon Scarf: A Free Crochet Pattern

Papillon Scarf

This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. It is made with simple crochet stitches, so it is a beginners project.

Papillon is the French word for butterfly. For this scarf I used the butterfly stitch, where you crochet 3 rows of chains together with a single crochet. This […]

Free Crochet Pattern: Hairpin Lace Crochet Scarf

Flamingo Hairpin Lace Crochet Scarf
Birgit Tüchsen

This is a free crochet pattern for a hairpin lace crochet scarf. The hairpin loops are fast to make and the assemblage is also very easy. See the crochet diagram. The beautiful Giotto ribbon yarn from Colinette makes this scarf look very stylish!
Yarn 1 skein Colinette Giotto […]