Mantella Crochet Poncho Cape

Mantella Crochet Cape

My local yarn shop closed down and I looked into my yarn stash to see, if I had […]

Arne Carlos knitted Christmas balls

Knitting Christmas Balls
with Arne and Carlos

Knitting Christmas ball ornaments have been cult for a couple of years now. Arne and […]

Free Christmas Fonts

Free Christmas Fonts 
You might need some Christmas fonts or images to write a special season inspired Christmas invitation or write […]

Trip to Sofiero

Sofiero Castle

This weekend I went to Helsingborg, Sweden to visit the great park Sofiero just a couple of kilometers north of the […]

Easter Eggs Nail Polish Tutorial

 Easter Eggs Nail Polish Tutorial
I wanted to do something totally different with my Easter eggs this year and discovered the nail […]