Shimmer Beaded Lace Cape

Shimmer Beaded Lace Cape
A while ago I started this huge project by crochet designer Kristin Omdahl. The cape looks absolutely luxurious in Omdahl’s book Crochet so Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarn. I ordered the yarn –  started crocheting – and it took me ages to accomplish the now […]

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Crochet Shawl Malabrigo Worsted

Time ago I crocheted a shawl, which I named the Vincent Shawl. I really liked that one, but someone else also liked it very much, so I gifted it to her :-) The pattern was easy to remember and the shawl is made with a pretty thick yarn. So […]

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Frida Kahlo Exhibition at Arken

Before Christmas I went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition at Arken. The exhibition features some of her oil paintings, many photographs of her, a couple of paintings by her husband Diego Rivera and a few contemporary Mexican artists. They also show short film clips with her and Diego […]

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November Crochet Mittens

Warm Alpaca Gloves 
These mittens are crocheted in no time! The pattern is very straightforward: You start making the cuff sideways and then crochet in the round up to the top of the mitten.

I didn’t have a very thick yarn for this project in my stash, so I made the […]

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Market Bag in Ribbon Yarn

String Bag in Cotton Yarn
For the winter holidays I had plans to make a shawl for summer in cotton yarn. But I had a request from a family member to crochet a market bag. So the cotton yarn was used for a market bag instead and turned out very […]

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Paper Christmas Decorations Tutorial using Dingbats

Paper Decorations
Many of us would like to make beautiful Christmas ornaments, but lack skills when it comes to drawing pretty decorations. I for sure lack this skill ;-) Here it is where the internet comes in! You can simply download Christmas images – they are also called dingbats or […]

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