• how to measure mittens

Tutorial Measurements Fingerless Crochet Mittens

Measurement Fingerless Mittens
How to design your own Knit or Crochet Mittens
When I take photos outside in cold weather, I prefer […]

  • feature felted beads

Felted Beads Tutorial

How to make felted Beads
Those small felted beads or bobbles have always intrigued me. They make great embellishments on bags […]

  • feature buttons

Crochet Button Tutorial

Crochet Button Tutorial
I am crocheting a cardigan right now and have to make some buttons for the piece. Below I […]

  • feature magic adjustable ring

Crochet Tutorial Magic Ring or Adjustable Ring

Crochet Magic Ring Tutorial

For Dummies

When you crochet a motif you want the center to look even and tidy.

One could start […]

  • translate crochet us uk german danish

Crochet Terms in US, UK, Danish and German

Crochet Terms in US, UK, Danish and German

Unfortunately crochet terms are not universal, so US crochet patterns and UK/Australia patterns […]

  • how to read crochet chart

Tutorial: How to read a crochet chart worked in the round

Tutorial how to read a Crochet Chart/Diagram
Crochet Chart worked in the Round

Crochet motifs are often charted and this requires that […]

  • tutorial read crochet chart

Tutorial how to read a crochet chart – diagram

Tutorial how to read Symbols in a Crochet Chart/Diagram
Row by Row Chart


Some crocheters are not familiar with reading crochet charts. […]

  • tutorial starch crochet bowl

Tutorial how to starch a doily to a bowl

Tutorial on how to stiffen Crochet with Starch
Starch a Doily and make a Bowl

I crocheted a doily and wanted […]