Recycled Sweater Mitten Pattern

Sweater Mitten Sewing Pattern
A few days ago I sorted out some old sweaters and decided to bring them to The Red Cross. Then I remembered some ideas about upcycling felted sweaters and turning them into mittens. The result is a free sewing pattern for you about recycling a sweater to […]

Easter Rabbit Egg Warmer Tutorial

 Rabbit Easter Egg Warmer
Do you need any Easter egg decoration ideas? A couple of days ago I made these cute Easter Egg Warmers shaped as hens. I experimented a little further with the form and made a similar version, now in the shape of a Easter rabbit.

This is a free […]

Hen Easter Egg Warmer Tutorial

Easter Egg Warmer Hens
This is a free tutorial for an Easter hen egg warmer. These cute chickens can be used as egg warmers or as pretty decorations for the table or window. The tutorial covers materials for one hen. Since you will only need small amounts of fabric, this is an […]

How to make Christmas Ornaments with Felt

Free Felt Christmas Ornament Patterns
This year I tried to make Christmas ornaments with thin felt. It was quite fun, because I didn’t have to use any specific patterns, but looked for inspiration online and added my own personal touch to each project. You can hang the ornaments in the Christmas […]

Chair Cushions Free Sewing Pattern

Chair Cushions
Free Sewing Pattern
A couple of months ago I bought some new chairs for my kitchen table. I really love the chairs, but they have a stupid habit: When the room has been cold for a while the plastic gets very cold as well. So in winter I sit on […]