Crochet Winter Wreath – Free Pattern

Crochet Winter Wreath – Free Pattern

free pattern crochet christmas wreath

Every winter I make new Christmas decorations. This winter I have experimented with the wreath form and made a crochet Christmas wreath. The cover for the styropor ring is crocheted and decorated with felted, embroidered beeds and crochet leaves and crochet stars.


Hook   8 mm   US: 11/L        3,5 mm   US: 4/E


White yarn for ring: 1 skein Andes from DROPS/Garnstudio. 65% wool 35% alpaca. 100g/96m, 3,53 ounces/10 yards. This is a soft, super bulky yarn, so the crocheting went fast.

Red yarn for stars: 1 skein DROPS Muskat in shade #12 red. 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton, 50g – 100m, 1,76 ounces – 109 yards.

Brown yarn for leaves: 1 skein DROPS Alpaca in shade #607 light brown. 100% alpaca. 50g – 166m, 1,76 ounces – 182 yards.

1 Styropor Ring   diameter 20 cm/8 inches

Wool Roving   in red, white and brown colors

DMC Embroidery Yarn   in beige

Sewing Needles A small one for the embroidery thread and a bigger one for sewing the edges of the crochet rectangle together.

First you crochet a rectangle for covering the styropor ring. I chose a white color for creating a ‘snowy’ effect.

Crochet Ring Pattern

Chain 17

Row 1   Chain 3, skip 3, 17 double crochets across.

Row 2   Chain 2, 17 double crochets in back loop across.

Repeat row 2 27 times. Since I crochet very tight, you might not need so many rows to get the desired length. Try to fold the rectangle around the outer circle, so you can check, when you have crocheted enough.

Sew together the short egdes of the crochet fabric, while the fabric is placed around the ring. Then sew  the long edges together. This yarn creates a nice, textured look for the ring.

 Felted Beads

I have previously felted beads from wool roving. Please, read my Felted Beads Tutorial for making these big beads.

I embroidered the beads with some simple, embroidery patterns inspired by pictures found on Pinterest.

Five Star Crochet Star

The red crochet stars are made from a free crochet pattern. You can find it on Crochet Star Pattern Christmas. I used a 3,5 mm hook and the above mentioned red Muskat yarn.

free crochet pattern star

Crochet Leaves Pattern

Crochet these leaves double stranded with the alpaca yarn and with a 3,5 mm hook.

Chain 5

Row 1   Chain 1, 5 single crochets across.

Row 2   Chain 1, 5 single crochets across.

Row 3   Chain 1, 2 single crochets in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 2 single crochets in next stitch.

Row 4   1 slip stitch in next stitch, 1 slip stitch in next stitch, 4 single crochets across.

Row 5   Chain 1, 2 single crochets in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 2 single crochets in next stitch.

Row 6   1 slip stitch in next stitch, 1 slip stitch in next stitch, 4 single crochets across.

Row 7   Chain 1, 2 single crochets in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitch, 2 single crochets in next stitch.

Row 8   1 slip stitch in next stitch, 3 single crochets across.

Row 9   Chain 1, 3 single crochets across.

Row 10   Chain 1, 3 single crochets across.

Row 11   Chain 1, 2 single crochets across.

Row 12   Chain 1, 3 single crochets across.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Crochet 9 leaves in total. Sew 3 leaves together to form a ‘plant’.

free pattern folded crochet leaves

Sew the beads, stars and leaves on top of the crochet winter wreath.

crochet winter wreath free tutorial

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felt ball embroidery tutorial

felt beads embroidery pattern

Christmas felt beads embroidered

tutorial felted ball embroidery

Arne Carlos knitted Christmas balls

 christmas knitting balls carlos

Knitting Christmas Balls

with Arne and Carlos


Knitting Christmas ball ornaments have been cult for a couple of years now. Arne and Carlos are ‘knitting institutions’ in Scandinavia, they even have their own group on Ravelry. So this year it was time for me to join the flock and create some Julekugler for my Christmas home decoration.

Since I used a slightly thicker yarn, the Christmas balls got too big. I also dislike having something easily inflammable on the Christmas tree like wool ornaments – especially if you have real candles in the tree and not the electrical ones. So I decided to felt the balls and use them as decorations in my windows or placed on drawers. I simply got smitten with this bug and will give some away as holiday gifts.

Yarn   Lettlopi from Istex. 100 % Icelandic wool, 50 g 100 m. This yarn is thicker, than the yarn recommended in the book. I used colors in white #51, gray #58 , black #59 and red #1409. It is spun from the rare breed Icelandic sheep indigenious to the country, that has adapted to the Icelandic cold climate. The yarn has a slightly coarse nature. For the black Christmas ball I also added silver glimmer thread for the crown.

For filling Nepal Wool carded wool was used. I used the main color as filling color, since the instruction says, that a different color might shine through. Thank God, the colors didn’t bleed when felting…

Knitting Needles   5 x 3 mm (double pointed)

Pattern   From the book 55 Christmas Balls to Knit: Colorful Festive Ornaments, Tree Decorations, Centerpieces, Wreaths, Window Dressings by Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison.

The instructions a very easy to follow: Every julekugle comes with a knitting chart – couldn’t be any easier.

A couple of images of the felted ornaments

knitting balls scandinavian carlos

 Photo Tutorial for the Felting Technique

Knit a Christmas ball. Then stuff it with wool roving – preferably the same color as the main color.

christmas ball wool roving

Sew bottom and top together – a crochet string for hanging is optional.

christmas ball sew together

Fill a large plastic bowl with hot water from the tap.

water bath felting ball

Dip the ball into the water, so it gets soaked thoroughly.

christmas ball felting water

Put a lot of soap on some rubber gloves. (You could do this without the gloves, if the hot water doesn’t bother you.)

soap soaked with rubber gloves

Smoosh the soap onto the surface and into the ball. Do this in a vigorous way to promote the felting proces without altering the round shape. Move the ball around a lot while doing this and make sure to mold a nice round shape. Now fill the bowl with cold water and repeat the proces. If the ball hasn’t felted sufficiently take another turn with hot water.

felted christmas balls tutorial

Carefully let the water disappear from the bottom and place the christmasball on a towel to dry for 2 days. Form the ball a couple of times with your hands during the drying proces, so the shape gets perfectly round.

There are many pretty patterns in the book, here are my choices:


knitted christmas star DIY
knitted christmas star arne (2)
knitting christmasball ornament
knitted christmas ball scandinavian
christmas ball rocking horse arne
knitted christmasball reindeer arne

Free Christmas Fonts

Free Christmas Fonts 

free christmas card

You might need some Christmas fonts or images to write a special season inspired Christmas invitation or write a blog post. With the fonts mentioned below, I have created a Christmas card above :-)

I have selected a collection of pretty fonts for you below. As you can see above, there are also fonts for images, which are called wingdings or dingbats. It works like this: A letter represents an image. Download the font to your computer and open your image editing software. From there you can use the dingbats in your texteditor or in your image software.  So when you press a given  letter while using a specific font, you will be able to make an image. Images can be altered in color just like letters. (Perhaps you have to close and reopen your image editing software after downloading a font, to get the font up in your image editing software).

Below you see a collection af fonts and dingbats for Christmas. I have only chosen a couple of images for each font. There are often many more available for a single font type. You’ll find the link for each font beneath the image in numerical order.

Christmas Fonts wingdings dingbats

1    DH Snowflakes

2   Santas Sleigh

3   Beyond Wonderland

4   Christmas Mouse

5   Candy Cane

6   Christmas Snow

7   Xmas tfb Christmas

8   PWJoyeuxNoel

9   Christmas Shapes

10  Hultog Snowdrift

11  Kerstkaarten

12  Christmas Nativity TFB

13  Almonte Snow

14  SL Christmas Silhouettes

See also my paper craft tutorial, where I use dingbats for creating ornaments for the Christmas tree.

The first Christmas card image in this blog post was created with the help of the free design application Canva. You can read my review about this tool.

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Paper Christmas Decorations Tutorial using Dingbats

tutorial paper christmas cones

Christmas Paper Ornaments

Many of us would like to make beautiful Christmas paper ornaments, but lack skills when it comes to drawing pretty decorations. I for sure lack this skill ;-) Here it is where the internet comes in! You can simply download Christmas images – they are also called dingbats or wingdings. These wingdings behave just the same way as fonts: Download them and a letter on your keyboard represents a particular image.

Get an overview of available Christmas fonts at Dafont. They are free fonts, that can be used in your image software.


What you need

  • Cone and heart templates provided at the end of this blog post
  • White printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Baking paper
  • Optional: Gold paper and fabric ribbons

 Free Tutorial for Paper Christmas Decorations

First I printed out different Christmas icons in my favourite colors. There are plenty of different icons to choose from, so you can personalize the ornaments with the icons and colors you prefer! If you want the images to appear on the front and back of the hearts, place 2 identical images at a 90 degree angle.

Another option could be to use colored printing paper and a contrasting color for the Christmas images.

christmas wingdings dingbats

Afterwards I cut out paper cones and hearts using the templates provided at the bottom of this blog post. I cut the smaller heart/cone out of white paper. (Make sure to center the images at an appropiate angle). I used baking paper for cutting out he bigger cone/heart templates.

paper templates christmas ornaments

Glue the paper and baking paper hearts/cones together at the sides. When the glue is dry put the small heart/cone into the big baking paper heart/cone. Glue the holder to both the big and small heart/cone, that way both types of paper stay in place when hanging.

You don’t have to use the baking paper, but it gives a special vintage and airy look to the decorations. Be sure to choose some boldly drawn images, if you want to use baking paper. Small and delicately drawn images might get invisible or too blurred under the baking paper.

For each Christmas decoration below, I show the link, where you can download the specific dingbat.

 Deer Cone

I particularly like this elegant deer image. Be sure not to make the image too big for the cone shape. You can find the deer wingding at Xmas TBF Christmas.

 tutorial deer ornament wingding

Candy Cone

The candy cone is a classic for Christmas and looks cool and gets a vintage touch with the baking paper outside this cone shape. Find the cone wingding at the Christmas font Xmas Tyme.

tutorial paper candy cone christmas


Walnut Cone

The walnut cone fits perfectly onto this shape. You could also experiment and make smaller cones. Find the wingding for the walnut at the Xmas font Christmas Nativity.

tutorial paper cone christmas

Deer Heart

The deer image can also be used on a heart. Here I didn’t use the baking paper, but used a fabric ribbon as a holder. The icon for the deer can be downloaded at the font Xmas TBF Christmas.

tutorial dingbats christmas ornament

Present Heart

At Christmas you give your loved ones presents. Show this tradition with a present image on a heart! The present icon can be downloaded at the Xmas font  Christmas Nativity.

christams herart ornament tutorial

Ornament Heart

Be sure to choose images that stand out in a bold fashion, if you make a big baking paper heart. This works very well with this blue ornament icon, which can be found free at Christmas Mouse.

diy paper christmas ornament

Wreath Heart

This wreath icon is very cute and can be found at Christmas Wreath.

diy christmas wreath ornament

Noel Heart

This is an all time classic for Xmas and you can download the vintage inspired Noel shape at Xmas Tyme.

noel paper xmas decoration

The templates for the hearts can be downloaded here:  PDF paper christmas heart.

The templates for the cones can be downloaded here: PDF paper cone

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Merry Christmas to everyone :-)

How to make Christmas Ornaments with Felt

tutorial felted horse ornament

Free Felt Christmas Ornament Patterns

This year I tried to make Christmas ornaments with thin felt. It was quite fun, because I didn’t have to use any specific patterns, but looked for inspiration online and added my own personal touch to each project. You can hang the ornaments in the Christmas tree or make garlands with them.



  • Felt
  • Sewing needle
  • Fingering weight mercerised cotton yarn for  white crochet heart/saddle (I used Järbo 8/4 mercerised yarn)
  • Beads
  • DMC cotton embroidery floss
  • Ribbon fabric
  • Glue
  • Wool yarn or wool roving for stuffing the Christmas ornaments.

I split the DMC yarn in half, so I only used 3 threads when sewing.

At the bottom of this post the templates for the ornaments can be downloaded in a PDF file.


Tutorial for Felt Horse Ornament

I always wanted a horse from Dalarna, since they are the incarnation of Swedish Christmas decoration. Well – I never bought one, but this year I made a version out of felt.

Cut out 2 red felt horses and put the pieces on top of each other. Apply 2 ribbon bands by sewing them together on the top part of the horse. Crochet a small oval and sew on top of the horse, so the stitches for fastening the ribbons are concealed. Stuff the horse with wool roving and sew edges with DMC floss using the blanket stitch. I used a crochet hook to place the wool roving properly into the edges oft he horse.

Tutorial for Christmas Felt Gingerbread Man

tutorial gingerbread man felt

Cut out 2 gingermen in brown felt. Sew beads and decoration to arms and legs with DMC embroidery floss. Stuff the gingerbread man with wool roving and sew together at edges with DMC embroidery yarn.

Tutorial for 5 + 6 Christmas Felt Stars

6 star christmas felt ornamet

5 star ornament tutorial

Cut out 2 brown felt stars. Sew embroidery patterns on top of hearts using DMC embroidery floss. Put wool roving into stars and sew them together with DMC floss.

Tutorial for Christmas Felt Heart Ornament

tutorial felted christmas heart

Cut out 2 red  hearts and stitch pattern on top of hearts. I used Rowan Shimmer as a metallic thread. Stuff heart and sew edges together with DMC embroidery floss.

Tutorial for Felt Christmas Sock

tutorial felt sock

Cut out 2 socks in brown felt. Sew decorations and beads onto the socks. Stuff the socks with wool roving and glue the socks together. I didn’t sew the socks together, because the stitch pattern stands out nicer this way.

Tutorial for Christmas Felt Bell

Cut out 2 blue bells. Decorate both sides with embroidery stitches and glue small, brown felt circles on top of bells. Stuff bell with wool roving and stitch the bell’s edges while attaching a small, metallic ringing bell at the bottom.

tutorial felted bell decoration

Tutorial for Felt Christmas Tree


tutorial christmas felt tree

Cut out 2 green felt Christmas trees. Sew  red beads on top of the tree on both sides. Stuff the tree with wool roving and sew together with DMC embroidery floss.

Tutorial for Felt Heart Ornament 

christmas heart ornament crochet

Cut out 2 red felt hearts. Crochet a small, white crochet heart. You can find the free tutorial for the crochet heart at Firefly Crochet. Glue the white hearts on top of the red felt hearts. Sew 3 beads, one on each corner of the hearts, and glue one small holder on top of the hearts. Put the wool roving between the 2 heart pieces and sew the hearts together using blanket stitch.

You can download the templates for the felt ornaments here:  PDF Felted Ornaments.

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DIY Christmas Advent Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

how to christmas wreath

Do you need an idea for an easy Christmas wreath? Since today is the first advent in December, I created a Christmas wreath tutorial with 4 candles, one for each Sunday in advent. In Scandinavia we have these wreaths, where one candle is lid every week in December, until 4 candles are lid Christmas Eve. This was actually a super easy project and I made it in a very short time! See the photo tutorial below how to make it.

christmas wreath need what

What you need

  • A premade wreath made of straw
  • Different fir branches bought at a flower shop
  • Pine cones
  • 4 candles
  • 4 candle holders
  • Scissors
  • Metal thread
  • Small decorations


Tutorial for Christmas Wreath

Cut the fir branches in smaller pieces, that will easily wrap around the wreath. Start winding the plant material around the wreath alternating with different kind of fir. Make sure that both the top and the inner and outer sides are covered. Work your way around here and there adding some pine cones.

Stick the candle holders on top and decorate with small Christmas ornaments.

Et voila! An all natural Christmas wreath. – It smells really nice with these green branches in my apartment!

natural christmas fir wreath

horse christmas ornament

For more Xmas projects, see my other free Christmas Crafting tutorials.

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Paper Christmas Hearts

Paper Christmas Hearts

flette julehjerter

Making paper Christmas hearts is a Danish tradition. The most common one is the one above in red and white resembling the colors of the Danish flag – the Dannebrog.

It is actually quite simple to ‘braid’ these ornaments. You have 2 folded  paper pieces in contrasting colors. Braid the 2 pieces and you get amazing hearts with different motifs on them. You cut the paper just up to the point where the heart starts to curve.

The hearts come in many shapes. If you make an image search on Google for flettede julehjerter, you will get images for many heart templates, that show you how to cut the different paper hearts. There are a lot of intricate patterns out there, while I have done some of the traditional ones below. I prefer the oldfashioned color combinations: red + white, white + green and maybe gold and silver. The more complicated versions are harder to make and require that you cut out the templates very precisely!

Have fun with kids or grown ups to make these pretty Christmas hearts :-)

paper christmas hearts

paper christmas ornament heart

flettede juehjerter

flettede julehjerter

flettede julehjerter

There is a video here on Youtube, that explains the technique. It’s in Danish, but it’s easy to comprehend what is going on and how you can make your own heart.

Pine Cones Christmas Ornaments

Pine Cones

Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornament tutorial

Christmas is near and I made a DIY tutorial for these cute ornaments. This is a great tutorial for kids to make on a weekend before Christmas. You can hang the ornaments in the Christmas tree or put them in the window for decoration.

See my also my Felted Beads Tutorial on making your own felted beads or bobbles, which are used in this tutorial. Another option would be to buy small felt balls in a craft store.

Below is a list for all the materials I used. If you choose to make only one or two of the ornaments you will of course need less materials.


  • Pine Cones
  • Felted beads/bobbles made with the above mentioned tutorial
  • Wool roving or carded wool in white, green, orange, pink and red
  • Glimmer/glitter  in silver and red
  • Doll hair
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Sprayglue
  • Felt fabric in red, white, offwhite and light blue
  • Scissors
  • Pen


See image on top of this blog post. Felt a white bead and an orange nose with the wool roving. Glue the nose to the head.  With a pen draw the eyes and the mouth. Paint the pine cone with white paint. (I only did the outer petals). Cut out a small scarf in light blue felt fabric. Glue the scarf, so it folds around the snowman’s neck. For the hat cut out a circle and two narrow rectangles. Glue the rectangles to the circle  to make a hat. Cut 2 white mittens in felted fabric. Glue the head on top of the pine cone.


christmas ornament angel pine cone

Christmas Angel Ornament

Sprayglue the pine cone and put silver glimmer on it. Paint the outer petals of the pine cone with white paint. Make a pink felted bead/bobble. Glue the hair to the head and glue a glory on top of it. Cut out mittens and angel wings in white felted fabric. Draw the mouth and eyes with a pen. Glue the head on top of the pine cone.

christmas ornament pine cone gnome

Pine Cone Gnome

Sprayglue the pine cone and put red glimmer on it. Make a felted, white bead. Draw mouth and eyes on the bead with a pen. For the hat cut out a circle. Cut out about a 1/8 slice, so the hat gets easier to fold. Then fold and glue the hat. Cut out tiny, white dots and glue them onto the hat. Glue the head on top of the pine cone.

christmas tree ornament from pine cone

christmas tree ornament from pine cone

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

You can paint the Christmas tree or make an ‘organic’ version without paint. The green version is painted with white paint and immediately after sprinkled with silver glimmer. Glue the small felted beads/bobbles under the petals.

Pattern as PDF

Download this pattern as a PDF. Click the button below.

Pine Cones PDF

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