Arne Carlos knitted Christmas balls

Knitted Christmas Balls
These knitted Christmas ball ornaments have been cult for a couple of years now. Arne and Carlos are ‘knitting institutions’ in Scandinavia, they even have their own group on Ravelry. So this year it was time for me to join the flock and create some julekugler for my Christmas home […]

Free Christmas Fonts

Free Christmas Fonts 
You might need some Christmas fonts or images to write a special season inspired Christmas invitation or write a blog post. With the fonts mentioned below, I have created a Christmas card above :-)

I have selected a collection of pretty fonts for you below. As you can see […]

Paper Christmas Decorations Tutorial using Dingbats

Paper Decorations
Many of us would like to make beautiful Christmas ornaments, but lack skills when it comes to drawing pretty decorations. I for sure lack this skill ;-) Here it is where the internet comes in! You can simply download Christmas images – they are also called dingbats or wingdings. […]

How to make Christmas Ornaments with Felt

Felted Christmas Ornaments
This year I tried to make Christmas ornaments with thin felt. It was quite fun, because I didn’t have to use any specific patterns, but looked for inspiration online and added my own personal touch to each project. You can hang the ornaments in the Christmas tree or […]

DIY Christmas Advent Wreath

Christmas Wreath Tutorial
Since today is the first advent in December, I created a DIY Christmas wreath with candles for each Sunday in advent. In Scandinavia we have these wreaths, where one candle is lid every week in December, until 4 candles are lid Christmas Eve. This was actually super easy […]

Paper Christmas Hearts

Paper Christmas Hearts
Making paper Christmas hearts is a Danish tradition. The most common one is the one above in red and white resembling the colors of the Danish flag – the Dannebrog.

It is actually quite simple to ‘braid’ these ornaments. You have 2 folded  paper pieces in contrasting colors. Braid […]

Pine Cones Christmas Ornaments

Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments
Christmas is near and I made a ‘how to’ for cute ornaments. This is a great tutorial for kids to make on a weekend before Christmas. You can hang the ornaments in the Christmas tree ur put them in the window for decoration.

See my Felted Beads Tutorial […]

Ornament Vase Crochetholder: Free Crochet Pattern

Crochetholder for Christmas Ornament Vase

A while ago I saw a picture of a Christmas ornament, that was turned into a vase. I really liked the idea of this kind of Christmas deco, but wondered how I could make the ornament stay in place, when it was filled with water. So […]