Free Sewing Pattern

placemat free sewing pattern

In this sewing tutorial you find cut out templates for making a placemat.

A month ago I ordered some personalized fabric from Contrado. This fabric printing company offers the possibility to get fabric printed from a design made by yourself. I chose some watercolors with herbs and a name for the pattern repeat. You can read more how I designed the fabric in my blogpost How to design fabric. Previously I made a free sewing pattern for Oven Gloves and Potholders with the recipients name on the fabric.

placemat sewing material list


  • Fabric of your liking. I chose waterproof fabric from Contrado: Linden Waterproof 120gsm
  • Interfacing (not too thick)
  • Ribbon band
  • Sewing fabric
  • Newspaper

Sewing Pattern

1   Cut out the template, which you find at the bottom of this blog post as a PDF file.

2   Take a newspaper and fold it twice.

3   With a pen draw the outline of the placemat template onto the folded newspaper. See on the template where the newspaper folds should be placed when drawing on the newspaper!

4   Unfold the newspaper. You are sitting with your template in your hands :-)

5   Cut 2 fabric pieces from the template for each placemat: The front side and the back side.

6   Cut 1 interlining for each placemat. (My interlining got too thick, so the edges appear a bit bulky.

7   Place 2 fabric pieces and interlining on top of each other with right side of fabrics facing outwards.

8  Place the ribbon band around the fabric edges and sew with the sewing machine.

9   Bend the ribbon fabric around the edges and sew the ribbon to the other side of the fabric. I didn’t use any pins for this, but used my fingers to put the fabric in place.

Voila! The placemat is finished and ready to be gifted or put on your table as a nice decoration in your kitchen.

Here you can download the cutout template as a file:

Placemat Template

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