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There is a birthday in my family coming up soon and I decided to make some kitchen surprises: An oven glove and two potholders.

For the fabric I decided to choose something very personal this time: I ordered fabric from Contrado, where I am able to design the fabric pattern myself. I designed a herb inspired pattern with the recipients name on it ~ Sandra, which Contrado printed on the fabric. Please read more about how I designed the fabric in my post How to design your own fabric.

Materials (for oven glove and 2 potholders)

  • Fabric   1 m/1,1 yards  Quilted Jersey from Contrado. ½ m filling – I chose a thick vlieseline for interlining.
  • Polyster thread for sewing: One in matching color and one in contrasting color.
  • Ribbon band for covering the potholders edges.

materials sewing oven gloves

Oven Glove Pattern

1   Cut out oven mitt templates from the PDF file. Tape two template parts together.

2   Cut out 2 identical fabric pieces with the help of the oven glove template. Then cut out 2 mirror shaped oven glove pieces from the fabric. (This is important if the right and wrong side of your fabric looks different.) The template does not include seam allowance, so you want to add 1 cm – 1/3 inch at the edges.

3   In the same way as in step 2, cut out 2 linings and 2 mirror shaped linings from the interlining vlieseline. Do not include seam allowance for the interlining.

cutouts oven gloves sewing

4   If your interlining is fusible, glue the inerlining to the wrong side of the fabric by ironing the right side of the fabric.

5   Stack 1 fabric piece, 2 interlining pieces and 1 fabric piece on top of each other. Right sides of fabrics turning outside. Pin these fabrics together. Repeat this step for the remaining 2 oven glove fabric pieces.

sewing potholder quilted fabric

6   With a contrasting color sew the 2 oven glove parts together – using large stitches. You have now made an upper and a lower part of the oven glove. (This keeps all parts in place for further work).

sewing potholder with interfacing

7   Put both oven parts on top of each other.

Hanger: Cut a 6 cm – 2½ inches ribbon band. Bend the ribbon and sew together at edges with matching sewing thread. Put the ribbon band between the oven glove parts as indicated on the pattern template (shown as dot). The ribbon hanger should stick inside your glove before sewing.

Sew the 2 glove parts together at outer edges.

8   Remove the stitches sewn in contrasting color.

9  Sew with zigzag stitches the seam allowance.

sewing zigzag seam ovenglove

10  Cut out a band for the lining of the oven glove: 40 cm – 16 inches long and 8 cm – 3 inches wide.

11  Fold the band at one edge 1 cm – ½ inch and sew the fold with your sewing machine.

sewing lining oven glove

12  Place the band around the lower, inner edge of the glove – right sides facing each other, and sew it to the glove.

sewing lining ovenglove

13  Turn the oven mitt inside out. Place the band around the edge and pin it to the front side of the oven glove and sew the outer edge.

sewing lining oven mitt

Your oven glove is now finished!

free sewing pattern ovenglove


 Potholder Pattern

1   Cut out 2 fabric pieces from template.  Additional seam allowance is not neccessary.

2   Cut out 2 matching pieces from interlining fabric. (Depending on the thickness of the interlining).

sewing potholder interfacing

3   Iron inerlining to wrong side of fabrics, if you have this option. My interlining is not fusible.

4   Stack fabrics so right sides are facing outside and 2 interfacing pieces are placed in between.

sewing potholder instructions

5   Pin ribbon band at the edges. Sew with sewing machine to one side of the potholder. Make sure to have extra ribbon for the hanger on one side.

sewing potholder ribbon edges

6   Turn ribbon to the other side of the potholder and pin to this side. With a contrasting colored thread sew the ribbon to the potholder fabric. Make a hanger by making a loop and tie inside the ribbon band.

sewing potholder hanger

7   Sew the ribbon band on top of the potholder with your sewing machine.

Voila! A nice personal presents for someone you care about!

free sewing pattern potholder

Download the free sewing patterns for the oven mitt and potholder here:

Potholder PDF

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