Crochet Easter Eggs

Free Tutorialcrochet easter eggs free tutorial

Every year I do an Easter project. This year I made some simple crochet Easter eggs. Many Easter eggs are crocheted with slip stitches. My crochet Easter eggs are made with single crochet stitches. This makes the eggs a little more uneven in shape, but they are much faster to make :-)


Yarn   I used Muskat from Garnstudio for this project. This is a mercerized cotton yarn, which has a nice shine to it and it is a very affordable yarn, so you can buy many different colors for it. I used subdued colors for this project, but there are stronger colors available in this yarn type. This is a DK yarn. If you are unsure how to replace this yarn with another yarn type, please read my Tutorial how to substitute Yarn.

Wool roving for stuffing the eggs.

Hook   3,5 mm   US: 4/E

Sewing Needle

Free Crochet Pattern

Make a magical ring. If you do not know how to crochet a magical ring/adjustable ring, read my ‘for dummies’ instruction: Tutorial how to make a Magical Ring.

Round 1   Crochet 8 sc in ring.

Round 2   Chain 1;   8 times:  1 sc in backloop of next stitch,  1 sl st in this row´s first ch stitch.

Continue working in the round to create the egg shape.

Round 3   Repeat 4 times:  {1 sc in back loop of next stitch, 2 sc in back loop of next stitch.}
Round 4  Repeat 4 times:  {2 times: 1 sc in back loop of next stitch, 2 sc in back loop of next stitch.}
Round 5  16 times:  1 sc in back loop of next stitch.
Round 6 +7  Crochet as round 5
Round 8  4 times:  {2 times: 1 sc in back loop of next stitch, crochet 2 sc in back loop together.}
Now stuff the egg with some wool roving.
Round 9  4 times: Crochet 2 sc together in back loop.
Cut yarn.
Put additional wool roving into the egg, so it makes a nice shape. Put the last strand of yarn through a sewing needle and sew the top together. Fasten the top by pulling the sewing needle through the egg and tie a knot on top of the egg.
Your egg is done and you can push the wool roving in place, so the crochet Easter egg forms a nice shape.
By alternating different yarn colors you can create different visual effects with this pattern. See photos beneath:



ch = chain

sc = single crochet

sl st =  slip stitch

free crochet tutorial easter eggEgg in one color

crochet easter egg two colorsEgg two colors

striped crochet easter eggsStriped crochet Easter egg

2 colored crochet easter eggRow 5: Gray + Blue Row 6: Blue Row 7: Gray + Blue

white pink crochet easter egg
Alternating pink + white sc stitches

free tutorial crochet easter eggs