Free Printable Crochet Gift Labels

free printable crochet label

Lately I have noticed, you can download crochet gift labels to embellish your finished crocheted or knitted work. What a splendid idea, I thought! So I played around with my image software and made some crochet gift labels for the readers on this blog.

I designed two different types of labels: A short version and a longer one for larger crocheted/knitted gifts. So this Christmas or for birthdays you can make sure, that the receiver of a ‘wooly’ gift instantly sees, that it is handmade and made by you :-))

The ‘Handmade for You’ labels could also be used for other crafty gifts!

All templates come with these 3 texts:

Crocheted for you – Knitted for you – Handmade for you

You can download the PDF files at the bottom of this post.

This free, printable beige gift label looks great with the ‘Julekugler’ i knitted last year. With the skein symbol it can also be used for crochet presents.

download gift label knitting crochet

This cute green label you can use alle year round. I made a short and a longer version of the label. To me this is a spring version: Use it for light scarves…

free download crochet label green

This is a pink label. Because my printer didn’t work well the color turned out brownish. On the PDF the color is pink though…

free printable christmas tag label

This is a chalkboard label.

I used it for wrapping a green crochet hat, that I crocheted last winter.

free handmade crochet knitting

Do you send gifts to friends or family members? Wrap them with this airmail gift label :-)

free paper download airmail

PDF’s for free download!

free downloads crochet labels

free downloads knitting labels