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Free Easter Fonts

Dingbats or Wingdings

Easter season calls for specific symbols and icons. For Easter you want the Easter eggs and rabbit inspired ones: Bunnies, hens, roosters, carrots and other feel good creatures, that make you go AAAH – spring is coming!

If you plan sending out Easter invitations or writing Easter cards, spice them up with these free downloadable Easter fonts. The image fonts are called wingdings or dingbats. They are all free and can easily be downloaded, so you can work with them in your image software program or in Word.

Dingbats or wingdings work exactly the same way as fonts: You download them and instead of seeing a letter when you type the letter A for example, you will see a graphic image. So every letter represents an image. Just download the font, click on the file with the A on it and then install the font on to your computer. (You might have to close and reopen your software, before you can see the font in your image editing program or Word).

Copyright   Be sure to check the text file before downloading the font. You might not be allowed to use the font commercially. Some fonts are not allowed to be used on the internet or for commercial purposes due to copyright restrictions. The creator of the font decides whether a font is free for the public and if you have to pay a license fee to the font creator.

See the links below the pictures for download of each Easter inspired font. I only show a couple of images for each font, since there are many more images available for each single Easter font.

easter free fonts dingbats

Top title font: Capaza  1 Easter Art    2 Landliebe  3 Easter Eggs ST  4 Bellerose   5 Easter Bunny   6 Chocolate Box  7 Easter Time   8 Champignon  9 Janda Flower Doodles   10 Sweetie Pie  11  LP Rabbits 1

Happy Easter