easter egg felt ornaments project

Easter Felt Ornaments

This is an easy, free tutorial for Easter felt ornaments. Try to make these cute Easter egg hangings for a green spring bouquet. Cut out templates are provided at the end of this blog post as a downloadable PDF file.

In winter I made these Christmas Felt Decorations. So I decided to play around with spring colors and make something similar for the Easter season. I chose some muted colors, instead of the more vibrant ones we often see for this season.  And what are the most used motifs for Easter? A rooster, a bunny, a beautiful white swan, a sheep and a colorful confetti Easter egg came to my mind. To give the hangings a 3D look, they are stuffed with a little wool roving inside. You could also use some leftover yarn from your yarn stash for filling. Each egg takes about one hour to complete, which makes it an easy weekend project.


  • Felt fabric in white, beige, brown, red, pink, magenta, light blue,gray, light green, dark green and brown. With the provided templates you can go wild creating your own color combinations. I bought small 30 cm x 19 cm = 12 inches x 7,5 inches felt fabric pieces.
  • DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss in matching colors
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Sewing Needle
  • Pins
  • Cut out templates found at the bottom of this post
  • Wool roving. I used white Nepal Wool from Panduro
  • Hole punch for confetti shaped felt dots

Free Easter Tutorial

Step 1   Print out the the paper templates and cut them out. Use the templates to draw the shapes on to the felt fabric. You will need 2 egg shapes and 2 identical motifs for one Easter egg.

rooster cut out template

Step 2   Pin one felt motif on top of one egg.

easter felt rooster

Step 3   Stitch the motif onto the felt egg with simple stitches. Don’t put the motifs too close to the edge of the egg, because you want to stitch the eggs together there. (The DMC yarn I used comprises 6 easily separated strands. I separated the strands and worked with 3 strands instead of 6. This will save you some cotton floss, but it also looks better for this craft project.) Repeat this step for the other egg half.

easter hanging rooster

Step 4   Put the eggs on top of each other with left sides facing. Start stitching the eggs together with a matching color a little way down from the top. Continue stitching around the egg until there is a hole left on top.

sew easter egg felt

Step 5   Put a small amount of wool roving into the egg and close the egg with stitches. (Use a pencil to divide the wool roving evenly inside the egg.)

felt easter decoration rooster

Step 6   Make the cord: With 6 stranded yarn put the needle under one of the top stitches. Pull yarn through and make a knot. If you want, you can try to hide the knot inside the egg.

swan felt easter egg

Download the cut out templates as PDF file:

Download file

Pin the next picture with all Easter egg options to your Pinterest board:

felt easter eggs ornaments diy

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