crochet cowl popcorn stitches

Crochet Cowl with Popcorn Stitches 

Zart in Pastell

Just finished a crochet cowl, which has the most interesting pattern with rows made with chain stitches popping up. These rows are crocheted together with popcorn stitches after several rows with these protruding chain stitches. I decided to crochet the cowl with gray, blue-gray and pink colors. Some of these yarns are leftovers from previous crochet or knitting projects.

Pattern   Zart in Pastell by Béatrice Simon. The pattern can be found at Amazon in the book Loops häkeln: Schlauchschals, Kragen und mehr. Frech Verlag 2013. There are 14 cowls in this German book. All patterns come with a crochet chart/diagram, so they would be easy to make for non German speakers.


One skein of each:

Rowan Kid Classic (70 % wool, 22 % mohair, 8 % nylon. 153 yards/1.76 ounces – 140 m/50 g.) Shade #850 Sherbet Dip. This is an aran weight yarn.

LANG Yarns Yak ( 50 % yak, 50 % merino, 142 yard/1.76 ounces – 130 m/50 g.) In gray-blue, shade #333 Jeans Chante. This is a worsted yarn.

Grignasco Loden (50 % wool, 25 % rayon, 25 % alpaca, 125 yards/1.76 ounces – 110 m/50 g.) In gray in the shade #590 Charcoal. This is a worsted yarn.

Hook   The pattern called for a 4,5 mm hook. I took a 5 mm hook, which worked just fine.

Since I chose a slightly bigger hook, the cowl got larger a bit sooner. So the advised 31 rows would have turned the cowl too big. I did 13 rows, which makes the cowl 16 cm = 6½ inches tall – quite sufficient for me. I think I will make the project one more time in brighter colors for spring :-)

This is the first time I used yak yarn. It gives a slightly more cotton like feel to the yarn when blended with wool. Yaks live in the Himalayas and their wool is supposed to be a little warmer than merino wool and stronger. A perfect choice for a cold Scandinavian climate ;-) I love wearing this cowl inside. One gets a cozy, warm feeling around the neck all day long.

If anyone knows more patterns with this particular stitch pattern, please leave a note in the comment section below, because this stitch pattern is easy and has a very special effect.

Me with the cowl:

crochet cowl popcorn stitch

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