Sweater Mitten Sewing Pattern

mitten sweater sewing tutorial

A few days ago I sorted out some old sweaters and decided to bring them to The Red Cross. Then I remembered some ideas about upcycling felted sweaters and turning them into mittens. The result is a free sewing pattern for you about recycling a sweater to a pair of mittens. Cut outs are included – just follow the photo tutorial for instructions.


  • Sweater (Mine was already felted from washing. If yours is not felted, put the sweater into the washing machine together with a tennisball – the tennisball will enhance the felting proces by creating more friction).
  • Scissors
  • Pin needles
  • Sewing thread in matching color
  • 2 Buttons (optional)
  • Cut out templates. You can download the 3 templates as PDF files at the bottom of the page.

Seam allowance is included in the templates for a small woman handsize. If your hands are bigger make the cut outs larger! My sweater was felted a lot, so I didn’t use any lining. If you use lining, the templates need to be adjusted in size for that.

Step 1   Cut out the paper templates 1 ,2 and 3.

Step 2   Cut out 2 pieces of each template from your sweater fabric. If your sweater has a right and a wrong side remember cutting mirror shaped fabric pieces. I cut the fabric so the ribbing of the sweater will form the cuffs and the upper, inner part of the mittens.

cut out templates sweater mittens


Step 3    Sew fabric nr. 2 and 3 together at the thumb: Place the 2 thumb parts with right side facing on top of each other. Sew round the edged of the thumb. See image below, where you sew from one dot to the other. (The top fabric looks a little crooked, because there is a seam in the middle of the fabric).

sewing sweater mittens instruction

Step 4   Turn fabric nr. 2 and 3 around, so the right side faces outwards.

sewing instruction recycled sweater mittens

Step 5 Put nr. 1 and nr. 2 +3 fabric parts together, so the right sides are facing each other. Push the thumb to the inside and fasten the fabric edges with pins. Sew one time around the edges, so there is a hole left at the bottom for the hand. On the picture below the thumb is pushed into the right side

diy recycled sweater mitten

Step 6 Turn around the seam at the cuffs and sew it by hand with a sewing needle.

mitten sweater sewing photo tutorial

Step 7   Turn mittens so outside faces outward and sew buttons – this is optional. I chose to make the upper, inside part (template nr. 2) with ribbings from the sweater.

Your new mittens are done :-)

recycle mittens sweater tutorial

Cut outs as PDF downloads

Mittens Cut Out 1

Mittens Cut Out 2

Mittens Cut Out 3

recycle sweater mittens

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