Free Christmas Fonts 

free christmas card

You might need some Christmas fonts or images to write a special season inspired Christmas invitation or write a blog post. With the fonts mentioned below, I have created a Christmas card above :-)

I have selected a collection of pretty fonts for you below. As you can see above, there are also fonts for images, which are called wingdings or dingbats. It works like this: A letter represents an image. Download the font to your computer and open your image editing software. From there you can use the dingbats in your texteditor or in your image software.  So when you press a given  letter while using a specific font, you will be able to make an image. Images can be altered in color just like letters. (Perhaps you have to close and reopen your image editing software after downloading a font, to get the font up in your image editing software).

Below you see a collection af fonts and dingbats for Christmas. I have only chosen a couple of images for each font. There are often many more available for a single font type. You’ll find the link for each font beneath the image in numerical order.

Christmas Fonts wingdings dingbats

1    DH Snowflakes

2   Santas Sleigh

3   Beyond Wonderland

4   Christmas Mouse

5   Candy Cane

6   Christmas Snow

7   Xmas tfb Christmas

8   PWJoyeuxNoel

9   Christmas Shapes

10  Hultog Snowdrift

11  Kerstkaarten

12  Christmas Nativity TFB

13  Almonte Snow

14  SL Christmas Silhouettes

See also my paper craft tutorial, where I use dingbats for creating ornaments for the Christmas tree.

The first Christmas card image in this blog post was created with the help of the free design application Canva. You can read my review about this tool.

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