easter eggs nail polish diy

 Easter Eggs Nail Polish Tutorial

I wanted to do something totally different with my Easter eggs this year and discovered the nail polish technique. What is it? You can get the most astonishing patterns from it on your Easter eggs – with some experience even a marbled effect. Place some nail polish in a bowl, put an egg into it and get amazing color results.

I warn you – this is quite addictive, since it is great fun to experiment with different colors and the result is very unpredictable each time.



  • white eggs
  • nail polish in different shades. Try to use contasting colors together, the cheapest nail polish from Depend worked splendid
  • bowl – I used a ceramics one but regretted it, because it was painted all over with nail polish when finished. A cheap plastic one would be best…
  • one time wear plastic gloves, because things get very messy with the nail polish all over your hands
  • matches
  • nail polish remover to take away the polish from everywhere
  • shot glasses where eggs can rest to get dry
  • sewing thread


  • Make sure to open a window while working, because else you’ll get a headache from the smell!

 Easter Egg Tutorial

Step 1     Make a hole on top and bottom of the eggs with a knife and blow them out. You don’t want to eat these kind of eggs because of the nail polish on them.

Step 2     Fill a bowl with water. Use a container you want to throw out afterwards, since things get a little messy with this technique as you can see. I regret using a ceramics bowl – should have used a plastic one instead.

water bowl

Step 3     Carefully dip small amounts of nail polish to the surface. Make it gently, since big drops will sink to the bottom of the bowl. You can use a match and make marbled patterns on the surface now. Wait a minute, so the polish gets slightly dry, that way the marbled surface sticks better to the eggs and doesn’t get smooched out.

water bowl nail polish

Step 4     Take one egg and dip it into the water. I used a technique, where I inserted the eggs from the side.

water bowl egg nailpolish

Step 5     Roll the egg under the polish to make it stick onto the egg and get about a half side covered.

water egg roll

Step 6     Place eggs to dry on a shot glass.

nailpolish easter egg dry

Step 7     Repeat procedure to get the other side covered, when the first half is dried completely. This can take a couple of hours. I read somewhere, that freezing the eggs would speed up the drying, but didn’t try it out myself.

Step 8     Break a match in half. Twist some sewing thread around it and make a knot.  Gently press the match into the egg through the hole on top and hang the eggs on a green Easter bouquet.

I achieved the best results putting 2 contrasting colors together. More colors make a more fussy look. – A very colorful Easter decoration!

easter eggs dying diy

tutorial easter eggs nail polish

easter egg nail polish  tutorial

easter eggs nail polish diy

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