easter egg warmer hens sewing

Easter Egg Warmer Hens

This is a free tutorial for an Easter hen egg warmer. These cute chickens can be used as egg warmers or as pretty decorations for the table or window. The tutorial covers materials for one hen. Since you will only need small amounts of fabric, this is an ideal project to use leftover fabrics you might have. It takes very little time to sew these hens – make them with your kids or as presents for a friend.

For fabric I found some nice cottons, that you can find for quilting: Short strips of yarn in matching Easter colors :-)


  • 20 cm –  8 inches cotton fabric for body
  • 10 cm – 4 inches cotton fabric for the cockscomb
  • 10 cm – 4 inches cotton fabric for the beak
  • 20 cm – 8 inches interfacing
  • Sewing thread in matching color
  • Two beads
  • Pins
  • Sewing needle


materials hen egg warmer

Step 1   Cut out the fabric for body, cockscomb and interfacing. If your fabric has a right and a wrong side, cut out 2 mirror shaped body parts. (This is not shown on the photo). At the bottom of this post is a PDF file with all templates. Seam allowance is included with these templates.

cut outs for egg warmer chicken

 Step 2   Put interfacing on top of the wrong sides of the body parts.

lining egg warmer

Step 3   Stack the 4 fabric parts, so the right sides of the body parts are facing each other.

Step 4   Sew the interfacing and body parts together along the edges and leave an open hole on top, where the beak and cockscomb are placed. See photo below for reference.

how to sew easter egg warmer

Step 5   Place both cockscomb parts on top of each other with right sides facing. Stitch at the edges leaving a hole at the bottom.

sewing cockscomb

Step 6   Turn cockcomb’s fabric inside out and iron it flat.

cockscomb fabric sewing

Step 7   Fold the beak’s fabric in half – right side of fabric should turn outside.

beak fabric hen egg warmer

Step 8   Fold the fabric once and hold in place with a pin.

beak folded fabric egg warmer

Step 9   Turn the fabric around and fold and pin once again.

folded fabric egg warmer

Step 10   Turn body inside out and sew the beads onto the body.

Step 11   Then pin the beak and cockscomb to the body. Fold the sewing allowance of the body inside and handsew the top of the head together between the two arrows on the photo.

how to sew egg warmer

Step 12   Push the lower part of the body up, so you create a pouch for the eggs. Voila – your egg warmer is done :-))

egg warmer chicken

Pattern PDF

The pattern can be downloaded here:

PDF Hen Easter Egg Warmer

easter hen eggwarmer sewing

easter hen eggwarmer decoration

easter hen eggwarmer sew decoration

Happy Easter

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