Shimmer Beaded Crochet Cape

crochet cape beaded

A while ago I started this huge crochet cape project by designer Kristin Omdahl. The crochet cape looks absolutely luxurious in Omdahl’s book Crochet so Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarn. I ordered the yarn –  started crocheting – and it took me ages to accomplish the now 3/4 finished shawl. The stitch pattern repeats itself over and over as you can see, so I grew tired with this project. The pattern is easy to understand though, with a great crochet chart in the book.

Unfortunately there is an error in the pattern when it comes to the yarn amount. I ordered enough skeins for the cape, but that definitely wasn’t enough for it. Then I ordered 2 more skeins, which wasn’t enough either! So I replaced the scallop shaped edging with a very simple edging with beads. This gives the cape a feminine touch and it looks OK, even if the original edging is missing.

The result is a warm and comfy shawl, which I use a lot in winter. Despite the pattern being very lacy, the 100 % alpaca fiber provides a lot of warmth. But the shawl is of course missing the dramatic lace edging at the bottom…

Pattern     Shimmer Beaded Lace Cape by Kristin Omdahl. See the link to Amazon above.

Yarn Babyalpaca 10/2 by BC Garn in the  shade brown #108, 100 g – 500 m, 3,53 ounces – 547 yards in 100 % alpaca.

Hook   4 mm    US: G/6

Unfortunately the edges will wear down after a couple of years use :-(  They simply cannot bear the weight of the cape, when you are using it very often. If I had crocheted the whole cape, scallop shaped edges included, the edges might have worn down after a short period!

front view with smal brooch

crochet lace cape omdahl

close up of the pattern from the back

crochet stitch pattern

another view of the finished cape

crochet omdahl shawl lace