Frida Kahlo photo portrait

Frida Kahlo Exhibition

Before Christmas I went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition at Arken. The exhibition features some of her oil paintings, many photographs of her, a couple of paintings by her husband Diego Rivera and a few contemporary Mexican artists. They also show short film clips with her and Diego Rivera standing tenderly together and her with Leon Trotsky. A couple of pre-Columbian sculptures are shown as well, since Rivera had a huge sculpture collection. Once a day a Hollywood movie is shown starring Selma Hayek as Frida.

Frida Kahlo is wellknown for her oilpaintings  picturing her tormented body, since she often was in  a lot of pain due to a terrible car accident, that broke her spine and several other bones. While she was bedridden, she was still able to paint with the help of a special easel, that was constructed to be put over her bed. The exhibition didn’t show her most famous oil paintings, but is still worth visiting. Her household was filled with pets and the monkeys found a way into her self portraits.

frida kahlo tehuan portrait

frida kahlo portrait monkeys

frida kahlo stilleben fruits still life

I was particularly curious about seeing her dresses. She is often pictured in colorful, native dresses from the Tehuantepec region in Mexico. Her outfit was a reference to Mexican Indian culture, since she was proud of her Mexican heritage. The dresses in the exhibition are actually not hers, but are loans from the Danish National Museum. But some of them are bought where Frida used to buy hers, so they resemble her style very much and are original Mexican dresses.

frida kahlo mexican dress

mexican native women dress

frida kahlo exhibit dress

Some of Diego Rivera’s paintings are shown as well. I particularly liked an oil painting. It shows an evening spectacle: A tree is inhabited by several men and a donkey is standing on the ground. They seem to gaze at something we cannot see, but it glows intensely in the dark.

diego rivera painting tree