crochet november mittens spindrift

Crochet Mittens in  Alpaca 

These crochet mittens are made in no time! The pattern is very straightforward: You start making the cuff sideways and then crochet in the round up to the top of the mitten.

I didn’t have a very thick yarn for this project in my stash, so I made the project with three strands of yarn: 1 thicker alpaca yarn and 2 strands with Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift. The 2 yarn types complement each other very well, since the alpaca is very soft and the Spindrift has a more felted quality to it. The result is a very thick and dense fabric, that doesn’t allow any cold air to come through. Well, –  I crochet very tight and this works very well for this kind of project.

There is another advantage for crocheting these 2 yarn types together: Alpaca has a tendency to grow, when you wear it over time or when you wash it. Crocheting it together with a felt like Spindrift yarn makes the mittens stay in place.

I crocheted these with 2 skeins Shetland Spindrift and I didn’t have enough yarn to make the button straps (as shown in the pattern). Since my hands are very small, I also made alterations to the pattern: Both the body and the thumbs are crocheted shorter, but the mittens are still very large for me.

Pattern:     November Mittens by Brenda K.B. Anderson, found in the book: Crochet One Skein Wonders – 101 Projects from Crocheters around the World. Yarn     1 skein Jorun Alpaca: 100 % alpaca, 100 g/100 m in black. (this yarn is a discontinued aran yarn). 2 skeins Jamieson Shetland Spindrift: 25 g/105 m, 100 % wool in the shade #186 sunset. The yarn weight for this yarn is fingering. Do you want to crochet these mittens with a different yarn? Read my guide How to substitute Yarn! Hook     6 mm   US:  10/J crochet mittens alpaca wool I love these sturdy gloves. They make me feel like a Canadian woodworker on a rough weather day. The pattern could easily be used with some softer yarn types though. Fancy this pattern? Share it with some of the social buttons on this page!