tutorial paper christmas cones

Christmas Paper Ornaments

Many of us would like to make beautiful Christmas paper ornaments, but lack skills when it comes to drawing pretty decorations. I for sure lack this skill ;-) Here it is where the internet comes in! You can simply download Christmas images – they are also called dingbats or wingdings. These wingdings behave just the same way as fonts: Download them and a letter on your keyboard represents a particular image.

Get an overview of available Christmas fonts at Dafont. They are free fonts, that can be used in your image software.


What you need

  • Cone and heart templates provided at the end of this blog post
  • White printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Baking paper
  • Optional: Gold paper and fabric ribbons

 Free Tutorial for Paper Christmas Decorations

First I printed out different Christmas icons in my favourite colors. There are plenty of different icons to choose from, so you can personalize the ornaments with the icons and colors you prefer! If you want the images to appear on the front and back of the hearts, place 2 identical images at a 90 degree angle.

Another option could be to use colored printing paper and a contrasting color for the Christmas images.

christmas wingdings dingbats

Afterwards I cut out paper cones and hearts using the templates provided at the bottom of this blog post. I cut the smaller heart/cone out of white paper. (Make sure to center the images at an appropiate angle). I used baking paper for cutting out he bigger cone/heart templates.

paper templates christmas ornaments

Glue the paper and baking paper hearts/cones together at the sides. When the glue is dry put the small heart/cone into the big baking paper heart/cone. Glue the holder to both the big and small heart/cone, that way both types of paper stay in place when hanging.

You don’t have to use the baking paper, but it gives a special vintage and airy look to the decorations. Be sure to choose some boldly drawn images, if you want to use baking paper. Small and delicately drawn images might get invisible or too blurred under the baking paper.

For each Christmas decoration below, I show the link, where you can download the specific dingbat.

 Deer Cone

I particularly like this elegant deer image. Be sure not to make the image too big for the cone shape. You can find the deer wingding at Xmas TBF Christmas.

 tutorial deer ornament wingding

Candy Cone

The candy cone is a classic for Christmas and looks cool and gets a vintage touch with the baking paper outside this cone shape. Find the cone wingding at the Christmas font Xmas Tyme.

tutorial paper candy cone christmas


Walnut Cone

The walnut cone fits perfectly onto this shape. You could also experiment and make smaller cones. Find the wingding for the walnut at the Xmas font Christmas Nativity.

tutorial paper cone christmas

Deer Heart

The deer image can also be used on a heart. Here I didn’t use the baking paper, but used a fabric ribbon as a holder. The icon for the deer can be downloaded at the font Xmas TBF Christmas.

tutorial dingbats christmas ornament

Present Heart

At Christmas you give your loved ones presents. Show this tradition with a present image on a heart! The present icon can be downloaded at the Xmas font  Christmas Nativity.

christams herart ornament tutorial

Ornament Heart

Be sure to choose images that stand out in a bold fashion, if you make a big baking paper heart. This works very well with this blue ornament icon, which can be found free at Christmas Mouse.

diy paper christmas ornament

Wreath Heart

This wreath icon is very cute and can be found at Christmas Wreath.

diy christmas wreath ornament

Noel Heart

This is an all time classic for Xmas and you can download the vintage inspired Noel shape at Xmas Tyme.

noel paper xmas decoration

The templates for the hearts can be downloaded here:  PDF paper christmas heart.

The templates for the cones can be downloaded here: PDF paper cone

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Merry Christmas to everyone :-)