tutorial felted horse ornament

Free Felt Christmas Ornament Patterns

This year I tried to make Christmas ornaments with thin felt. It was quite fun, because I didn’t have to use any specific patterns, but looked for inspiration online and added my own personal touch to each project. You can hang the ornaments in the Christmas tree or make garlands with them.



  • Felt
  • Sewing needle
  • Fingering weight mercerised cotton yarn for  white crochet heart/saddle (I used Järbo 8/4 mercerised yarn)
  • Beads
  • DMC cotton embroidery floss
  • Ribbon fabric
  • Glue
  • Wool yarn or wool roving for stuffing the Christmas ornaments.

I split the DMC yarn in half, so I only used 3 threads when sewing.

At the bottom of this post the templates for the ornaments can be downloaded in a PDF file.


Tutorial for Felt Horse Ornament

I always wanted a horse from Dalarna, since they are the incarnation of Swedish Christmas decoration. Well – I never bought one, but this year I made a version out of felt.

Cut out 2 red felt horses and put the pieces on top of each other. Apply 2 ribbon bands by sewing them together on the top part of the horse. Crochet a small oval and sew on top of the horse, so the stitches for fastening the ribbons are concealed. Stuff the horse with wool roving and sew edges with DMC floss using the blanket stitch. I used a crochet hook to place the wool roving properly into the edges oft he horse.

Tutorial for Christmas Felt Gingerbread Man

tutorial gingerbread man felt

Cut out 2 gingermen in brown felt. Sew beads and decoration to arms and legs with DMC embroidery floss. Stuff the gingerbread man with wool roving and sew together at edges with DMC embroidery yarn.

Tutorial for 5 + 6 Christmas Felt Stars

6 star christmas felt ornamet

5 star ornament tutorial

Cut out 2 brown felt stars. Sew embroidery patterns on top of hearts using DMC embroidery floss. Put wool roving into stars and sew them together with DMC floss.

Tutorial for Christmas Felt Heart Ornament

tutorial felted christmas heart

Cut out 2 red  hearts and stitch pattern on top of hearts. I used Rowan Shimmer as a metallic thread. Stuff heart and sew edges together with DMC embroidery floss.

Tutorial for Felt Christmas Sock

tutorial felt sock

Cut out 2 socks in brown felt. Sew decorations and beads onto the socks. Stuff the socks with wool roving and glue the socks together. I didn’t sew the socks together, because the stitch pattern stands out nicer this way.

Tutorial for Christmas Felt Bell

Cut out 2 blue bells. Decorate both sides with embroidery stitches and glue small, brown felt circles on top of bells. Stuff bell with wool roving and stitch the bell’s edges while attaching a small, metallic ringing bell at the bottom.

tutorial felted bell decoration

Tutorial for Felt Christmas Tree


tutorial christmas felt tree

Cut out 2 green felt Christmas trees. Sew  red beads on top of the tree on both sides. Stuff the tree with wool roving and sew together with DMC embroidery floss.

Tutorial for Felt Heart Ornament 

christmas heart ornament crochet

Cut out 2 red felt hearts. Crochet a small, white crochet heart. You can find the free tutorial for the crochet heart at Firefly Crochet. Glue the white hearts on top of the red felt hearts. Sew 3 beads, one on each corner of the hearts, and glue one small holder on top of the hearts. Put the wool roving between the 2 heart pieces and sew the hearts together using blanket stitch.

You can download the templates for the felt ornaments here:  PDF Felted Ornaments.

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