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Free Halloween Fonts: Dingbats or Wingdings

Every season calls for specific symbols and icons. For Halloween you want the pumpkin and horror inspired ones: Spiders, grave stones, bats, ghosts, witches, and other blood dripping creatures, that make you go UUHHH.

If you plan sending out Halloween invitations, spice them up with these free downloadable Halloween fonts – or wingdings/dingbats as they are called. They are all free and can easily be downloaded, so you can work with them in your image editor software or in Word.

Dingbats work exactly the same way as fonts: You download them and instead of getting a letter when you type, there will be an image. So every letter represents an image. Just download the font, click on the file with the A on it and then install the font on your computer. (You might have to close and reopen your software, before you can see the font in your image program or Word). In the text file you can read, if you are allowed to use the font commercially.

See the links below the pictures for download of each font. I only show a couple of images for each font, since there are many more images available for each single font.

free halloween images icons graphic

HalloCuties    2 KR BOO Lane  3 KiddyHalloween  4 Halloween Borders   5 SpidersClub    6  BOO   7  Silbooettes   8 WitchesStuff   9  Bumkins   10 Graveyard


Free Halloween Fonts

To enhance the horror effect choose a blood dripping font or any of the other Gothic inspired fonts beneath to make your Halloween theme perfect.

free halloween images dingbats

1  A Charming Font   2 Halloween Spider   3 Wizards Magic   4 Blood Crow   5 Dead Bitch   6 Spider Fingers   7 Valium   8 Night Bird   9 Mirage Gothic   10 Arvigo

free halloween dingbats images1 Cardinal   2 Autumn    3 Blood Omen 4 Nosferatu    5 A Lolita Scorned   6 Sewntight   Tom’s Headache   8 Gothic Hijinx   9 Horrorfind    10 Pumpkin

free dingbats wingdings halloween1 Versal   2 Jack the Hipper   3 Morphine Jack   4 JF Wildwood   5 Deadly Breakfast   6 English Gothic 17th    7 Pumpkinese    8 Tangomacabre   9 Gothical   10   Black Night

Happy Halloween