Hairpin Lace Scarflette

hairpin lace crochet scarflette

Hairpin lace is a wonderful crochet technique. You can make beautiful accessories with it in no time. This project has a whimsical rococo touch to it with this faded green hue and it is ideal for a gift. I have made a photo tutorial about this technique here.

Hook   3 mm    US:  2/C

Yarn    One skein DROPS Cotton Viscose in the shade #12 sea weed. There is very much shine in this yarn.

Hairpin Lace Loom

Finished size     Width:  6 cm  2½ inches       Length:  80 cm  31½ inches


You cannot buy this pattern, since I made up the project by myself. If you want to make a similar scarf do the following:

Place the prongs on your loom 5 cm – 2 inches apart.

Make 108 loops on each side.

Grab 4 loops and crochet these stitches into the 4 loops, that you hold together: [3 double crochets, chain 5, 3 double crochets].

Repeat this step 26 times more. Now you have made one side of the strip. Make the other strip the exact same way.

See my Hairpin Lace Tutorial for further guidance about this crochet technique.

Below I show the scarf with a tiny brooch or you could also make a choker with it.

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rococo crochet scarf green

hairpin lace crochet choker