Vanessa Montoro

Crochet Artist

vanessa montoro crochet fashion

Vanessa Montoro is a crochet artist from Brazil, who makes deluxe crochet garments. Her work is unique in that way, that she dyes her yarn with natural plant colors like onions, mate tea, coffee or eucalyptus. The fibers she uses are hand spun. Her designs are entirely hand made and each piece takes about a month to make. Her collection includes dresses, scarves and blouses for women and children.

Her color palette is often muted due to the natural plant dyes she uses. This gives her clothes a very sophisticated and understated look.

vanessa montoro crochet design

According to an interview she is influenced by the Victorian Era.

vanessa montero crochet fashion

vanessa montoro crochet fashion

Want to see more of her work? Click to her website here.