Japanese Lace Crochet Scarf No. 6

Crochet Scarf No. 6

japanese crochet scarf lace

Many times I have praised Japanese crochet patterns: They are easy to read because of their great charts and are often simple but always with a unique look. The scarf needs to be blocked, so the nice stitches comes out the best way.


The scarf is in a book which title I don’t know, since I cannot read any Japanese. I bought it on Amazon Japan and the scarf is named No. 6 in the book. It looks as if the book is no longer available on Amazon Japan. In Ravelry it is called the Mini Fringed Scarf. It seem to be available for free at Tezukuritown, but I don’t know how to access the document there. I guess you have to be a registered member at Tezukuritown to get the free PDF. Unfortunately I don’t understand any Japanese and cannot help you with the registration process at Tezukuritown. You might be able to get help for this in Ravelry’s Japanese Knitting and Crochet Group.  There are 25 patterns in the book, – mostly smaller projects like hats, scarves and shrugs, but also bigger ones as tops and vests.


The yarn is somewhat stiff for this project, but it gives the scarf a very special look. I used one skein Linea by Karen Noe. This is a 75% linen, 25% cotton sport weight yarn, 100 grams (3.53 ounces) – 260 meters  (284 yards).

japanese crochet lace scarf close up

4 thoughts on “Japanese Lace Crochet Scarf No. 6

  1. Is it possible to share the diagram?
    I love this and will try to recreate it from your photo or I need to get the name of the book to order it from Amazon.

    Thanks and Ta Ta for now, Cathy the BaggLady

    • Hi Cathy,
      The crochet diagram is copyright protected, so I cannot share it on my blog. I can tell that the edge is made of single crochets and picots.
      I have a link to the book on the Amazon Japan, but it seems to be sold out there.
      Good luck with reverse engineering the pattern :-)

  2. This actually looks very straightforward and easy to make without a diagram. The side wraps seem a tad bothersome, but other than that, it is very well done and easy to see how you did it. I love it. Your blocking was impeccable.

    • Thanks Nancy. The stitch pattern for this scarf is very simple and the edging is made with picots. The blocking ‘makes’ this scarf, else the small tassels don’t come out as well ;-)

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