Paper Christmas Hearts

flette julehjerter

Making paper Christmas hearts is a Danish tradition. The most common one is the one above in red and white resembling the colors of the Danish flag – the Dannebrog.

It is actually quite simple to ‘braid’ these ornaments. You have 2 folded  paper pieces in contrasting colors. Braid the 2 pieces and you get amazing hearts with different motifs on them. You cut the paper just up to the point where the heart starts to curve.

The hearts come in many shapes. If you make an image search on Google for flettede julehjerter, you will get images for many heart templates, that show you how to cut the different paper hearts. There are a lot of intricate patterns out there, while I have done some of the traditional ones below. I prefer the oldfashioned color combinations: red + white, white + green and maybe gold and silver. The more complicated versions are harder to make and require that you cut out the templates very precisely!

Have fun with kids or grown ups to make these pretty Christmas hearts :-)

paper christmas hearts

paper christmas ornament heart

flettede juehjerter

flettede julehjerter

flettede julehjerter

There is a video here on Youtube, that explains the technique. It’s in Danish, but it’s easy to comprehend what is going on and how you can make your own heart.