How to make felted Beads

felted boobles how to

Those small felted beads or bobbles have always intrigued me. They make great embellishments on bags and pretty bracelets. In this photo tutorial I show you how to make them in no time.

Here on my blog I have an additional tutorial how you can use the felted beads to create Christmas Pine Cone Ornaments.


  • Wool roving or carded wool
  • Dish soap
  • Bowl
  • Towel
  • Access to rinsing, cold water


Photo Tutorial

Fill a bowl with hot water.

felting beads 4

Take a short piece of wool roving into your hands. Do not do this by cutting the wool with scissors, but pull it gently off a larger piece of carded wool.

tutorial for felting beads

Slightly separate the fibers, so you get a thin wool layer, but do not pull the layer apart.

tutorial how to felt beads

Roll this wool in your hands, so you create an airy wool ball.

tutorial felting beads

Put a drop of soap dish in your hands, wet the hands with the hot water and make your hands soapy by rubbing them.

felting beads 5

Take the wool ball and rub it gently. Do this for a couple of minutes. The wool ball will get soaked with soap and get smaller the more you rub it. Add more water in the process by dipping your hands into the bowl.

tutorial about felting beads

Place your hands under the rinsing, cold water while rubbing the bead. The cold shock will speed up the felting process and you can now rub the bead more vigorously in your hands. Continue switching between cold and warm water until the bead feels solid and is perfectly round.

tutorial felting beads

Let the bead rest and dry for about 10 hours before using it.

tutorial felting beads

For marbled beads use different colored yarns.

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