crochet hat gooseflesh helle jorgensen

Helle Jørgensen is a crochet artist from Australia – born in Denmark. On her website Gooseflesh she features her work and other artwork like embroidery and drawing. I am mesmerized with artists, who are able to make great 3D objects with crochet.  The site is stuffed with amazing pictures of her unique crochet art: Maritime inspired sea creatures like sponges, medusas and seastars in happy colors show the inhabitants of coral reefs. The mermaid above looks trustful to a higher sphere…

crochet art gooseflesh helle jorgensen

She recycles old plastic bags for many of these bold colored objects.

crochet art gooseflesh helle jorgensen


Over the years she has collected a huge driftwood collection from the beach. It encompasses  both wood and plastic objects. Some of those objects she decorates with crochet. Her jewelry is also strongly inspired by the sea – a bracelet below.

Great inspiration for me to create my own one of a kind jewelry :-)

crochet bracelet gooseflesh helle jorgensen


The photos in this blogpost are shown with Helle Jørgensen’s permission. Checkout her website at Gooseflesh, which is packed with great projects.

crochet art gooseflesh helle jorgensen