Joana Vasconcelos

Crochet Artist

Joana Vasconcelos’ work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums in Europe, Asia and South America. In her work she combines daily life objects like cutlery, lids, TV’s, computers and other domestic utensils with needlework like crochet, embroidery and knitting. This creates a special kind of magic when she combines massproduced objects with crafted needlework. Her work is not limited to fibers, since she also uses different mediums as glass, plastic, tiles, iron, feathers and ceramics.

She is Portuguese and has a team that helps her with these amazing installations. Her sculptures are often monumental and look quite spectacular in churches or castles. Read more about her work at her website.

Some of her artworks remind me of Christo’s work, when she wraps up dead animals made of ceramics, pianos or household objects. The crustacea and other animals are wrapped in the most delicate crochet lace. In some of her pieces many doilies are crocheted together to embrace different animals or objects. There is a strong reference to a feminine world, when she selects domestic utensils and needlework as her working material.

When she names her art, she sometimes has references to modern culture like David Bowie or Monroe. Bowie is a green frog wrapped in crochet – well, he is the chameleon par excellence.

joana vasconcelos crochet art

Below you see two guards. These amazing installations were exhibited at the Versailles Chateau.

I looove this installation with the tampons as a chandelier.