Yarnbombing at Malmøfestivalen

yarnbombing malmø sweden

Malmø in Sweden is my favourite place to go shopping: Friendly people and good prices make a great mix. Right now the city has a festival with many events. Amongst them there is a yarn bombing event at Stora Torg and Lilla Torg. Yarn bombing is a popular art movement, where public places are decorated with yarn. It is a form of graffiti, sometimes used to illustrate impersonal or ugly architecture by contrasting it with yarn objects.

Above a picture of the yarnbombed Karl X Gustav at Stora Torg. He ist just hilarious with the long braided hair :-)

At Lilla Torg, the romantic square with the many medieval buildings, antique street lamps and a fountain have been covered with crocheted and knitted fabrics.

yarnbombing malmø sweden

yarnbombing malmø sweden

yarnbombed street lamp

yarnbombed street lamp at lilla torg

When you go to Stora Torg, there is a tent, where you can chill out with folks from Hemsløjden – a Swedish craft organization. The walls are decorated with dozens of crocheted potholders. Well seated in their sofa you can study Swedish books on embroidery, crochet and knitting. I managed to by a fine little book about the old craft of embroidery on felted wool.