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Crochet Purse Pattern

Art Deco Clutch

My mother pitched me a couple of weeks ago, that she needed some kind of little purse or clutch thing:  “I need a little bag for the car keys and my wallet, when I go to the physical therapist. Who wants to carry along a big bag for that? You crochet all these things, so you can surely come up with something pretty for me”.

I gave it a try and made the above crochet clutch and wrote a free crochet purse pattern for you. It is made with a simple stitch that results in a thick textured crochet fabric, which is OK for a crochet bag like this. I have seen this crochet stitch described as the woven stitch or seed stitch.

The design is a simple rectangle. I included a lining, so the crochet fabric has something to hold on to and doesn’t grow out of shape over time.

Material 2 skeins KnitPicks Shine Worsted in cream and 1 skein in robot (grey). 50 g / 75 yrds – 69 m. 60 % Pima cotton – 40 % Modal.

Yardage     Total yardage: 220 m/241 yards. About  128 m/140 yards in beige and  92 m/101 yards in robot (gray).

1 Button

Fabric  47 cm x 28 cm    18½ inches x 11 inches. I used a very thin cotton fabric, so the bag didn’t become too bulky.

Hook  4 mm   US: G/6

Sewing Thread  in gray and white

Sewing Needle

Level  Easy/Beginner

Stitches  Chains and single crochets.

Finished size   width: 23 cm/9 inches    length: before sewing together: 43 cm/17 inches. Height after sewing together: 17 cm/6½ inches.

Free Pattern Crochet Purse

This is a free written and charted crochet pattern for a clutch. The stitch pattern will result in a dense and thick fabric with this kind of yarn. It is a very simple pattern and the fabric resembles woven cloth.

Start crocheting with the beige yarn.

Row 1    Chain 50.

Row 2   Chain 1, skip 1, 1 single crochet, [chain 1, skip 1, 1 single crochet]. Repeat 24 times between [ ].

Row 3    Chain 1, skip 1, 1 single crochet into chain stitch, [ chain 1, skip 1, 1 single crochet in chain stitch]. Repeat 24 times between [ ].

For guidance please see the crochet chart below. The chart only shows a part of the pattern and not the whole row across.

Repeat row 2 and 3 until work measures  3½ inches – 9 cm.

Change to grey coloured yarn and work until the grey part measures 6 1/4 inches – 16 cm.

Change back to beige coloured yarn and crochet until this beige coloured part measures 7 1/4inches – 18 cm.

In this last row make 7 chains in the middle as button holder.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

woven stitch crochet chart diagram

The work should look like the photo below.

Cut the lining, so it is ½ inch/ 2 cm larger than the crocheted fabric. Pin the lining to the fabric and sew it by hand. Your work should look like the photo below now.

Fold the fabric and sew it from the outside with beige and grey sewing thread.

Sew the button onto the fabric.

If you are unfamiliar with reading crochet charts, please see my tutorial how to read charts.

Note: This pattern uses US crochet terms. If you are unfamiliar with those see my crochet translation chart for US, UK, German and Danish crochet terms.


Pattern as PDF

You can download the pattern as a PDF. Click the button below.

PDF Art Deco

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