Jung Jung

Crochet Artist

JungJung vegetable crochet

Japan has a rich craft and textile tradition: We have all heard about ikebana and origami and some of us have seen incredible Japanese textile crafters in exhibitions or featured in magazines. There is a certain state of perfection and love to details you always find in Japanese crafts. Many crafters love Japanese crochet books, because the charts make them accessible for anyone to reproduce. The beautiful Noro yarns also come to my mind.

One of those great Japanese artists is Jung Jung. She creates a delicate crochet garden with vegetables and fruits made with tiny threads. Her garden is filled with carrots, broccoli, parsnips and peas. As a technique she uses both lace knitting and crochet. Sometimes the textile stands alone – sometimes it is an adornment to fruity wood sculptures.

JungJung vegetable crochet jung jung

She was introduced to crochet at a young age and learned more with the help from friends. She tells me she uses thread for her creations and dyes the yarn herself to get these beautifully subtle, muted colours, that resemble the ones found in nature.  

Her works are one of a kind and they have been exhibited in several galleries and craft shows in Japan.

Check out her work at Jung Jung.

You can also see her creations on Pinterest.

Jung Jung vegetable crochet