Crochet Business Card Holder

crochet business card holder

This is a free crochet pattern for a business card holder. The pattern is both written and charted.

My business cards were floating around on my bookshelf and needed some kind of home. I don’t have that many, but the ones that I have easily stack up to a small pile. Some of the patterns  I have seen on the internet are for teenie weenie small holders, where only a couple of cards will fit in. This crochet business card holder is designed for keeping more cards in one place.


  • Yarn 2 skeins DROPS, Safran. One in beige – shade #21 and one dark brown – shade #52. 100% cotton  1.8 oz (50 g) = 175 yds (160 m). You can use leftover yarns from your stash for this project :-) Yardage 60 m/65 yards for both colors together.
  • Hook 3 mm  US: 2/C
  • Tapestry needle
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread in matching color
  • One button

Finished size   When the holder is closed: Width: 10 cm/4 inches    length: 9,5 cm/ 3 3/4inches

Special stitch Picot: Chain 3, 1 slip stitch in first chain.

The stitch pattern I use is slightly lacy, so the fabric doesn’t become stiff and rigid.

Skill level    Beginner

Free Crochet Pattern

Chain 25 with dark brown yarn.

Row 1 Chain 1, 1 sc in second chain from hook, chain 2, [skip 2, 1 sc, chain 2] Repeat 6 times between brackets; skip 2, 2 sc.

Row 2 Now you change to the beige coloured yarn. Don’t start crocheting where you stopped crocheting with the dark brown yarn. You start this row at the other side were you also started Row 1!

Chain 4, 3 dc in chain space, [chain 1, 3 dc in next chain space] Repeat 6 times between brackets; chain 1, 1 dc in last row’s last sc.

Row 3 Continue crocheting with the dark brown colored yarn from row 1. Chain 1, 1 sc in chain space, [chain 2, 1 sc in chain space] Repeat 7 times between brackets; 1 sc in same chain space.

Row 4 Now you change to the beige colored yarn.

Chain 4, 3 dc in chain space, [chain 1, 3 dc in next chain space] Repeat 6 times between brackets; chain 1, 1 dc in last row’s last sc.

Repeat row 3 and  row4 14 times.

When you make the switch from one color to the other start by crocheting into the last stitch made in the previous row. That way your edges will look neat.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

The stitch pattern below is a small version of the crocheted work. It gives you an idea how to crochet the little bag.

Close up of the pattern

crochet stitch pattern

Charted stitch pattern

business card crochet chart


At the top you make a small edging and a little strap, so you can tie the button.

Starting at one side: 5 sc, 1 picot, 6 sc, 9 chains, 1 sl st in first chain, 6 sc, 1 picot, 6 sc.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Wet the fabric with water and squeeze the water out by putting it in a towel. Block the fabric and wait until it is dry in 1 or 2 days.

Your holder will look like this now

Fold the holder and crochet it together at both sides from the outside with many single crochets. Start at the bottom and continue making single crochets to the top edging. Weave in ends.

Sew the button to the holder with sewing thread.


dc   =   double crochet

sc   = single crochet

sl st  =  slip stitch

Note: This pattern is written with US crochet terms. If you are not familiar with these, see my conversion chart Crochet Terms in US, UK, German and Danish.

Pattern as PDF

You can download this pattern as a PDF. Click the button below.

PDF Business Card

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crochet business card holder