crochet buttons tutorial

Crochet Button Tutorial

I am crocheting a cardigan right now and have to make some buttons for the piece. Below I show you how i made my own buttons in this crochet button tutorial.

The yarn is 100% mercerized cotton, 50 g/100 m   1,75 oz/109 yards: Drops Muskat.

The buttons I chose are 3 cm – 1 1/8 inches wide:

First you make an adjustable ring as explained in the magical ring tutorial. You make the ring up to this photo:

crochet magic adjustable ring tutorial

Then you crochet 3 chains:

crochet magic adjustable ring tutorial

Crochet 13 dc in ring. Hold work with one hand and pull one tail and then the other tail of the yarn, so the center ring closes nicely. You might have to try a couple of times which tail to pull first. Close ring with a slip stitch in this row’s 3rd beginning chain:

 Work one sc in each stitch of previous row. Close row with a slip stitch:

crochet tutorial buttons

You can now bend the fabric slightly inwards:

crochet buttons tutorial how to

Crochet 1 dc in every second stitch (7 dc).

Put the button into the button hole:

Fasten off tightly with one yarn tail.

Sew button to fabric with remaining yarn tail.

Voila! 5 buttons for my cardigan.

This yarn is relatively thick, so it is hard to get the centerhole very small. With a thinner yard this project would result in even more perfect buttons ;-)


dc   =   double crochet

sc   = single crochet

Do you make your buttons differently? Please, share ideas and links with me in the comments section.