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virkverket annika messing

Today I will continue my blog tour, where I write about interesting crochet blogs on the internet. In this blog post we visit Annika Messing at her blog Virkverket. Virkning means crochet in Swedish.

Annika lives in Stockholm with her family and works as a graphic designer. The designer shines through in all her work on the blog: She shares her funny animal and robot creatues with us. What might the above reindeer philosophy about, while he looks at the sky? He is probably doing some big thinking there ;-))

Her popular creatures are published in a book translated to Swedish and Danish with the Danish title ‘Velkommen til Hæklerummet’. Translated this means something like ‘welcome to crochet space’.  The book has 27 patterns with fun toy projects in it: The robot couple, monkeys hanging acrobatic in the air, a car with a camping trailer, the engaged fox couple in New York City, mushrooms and the philosophical Rudolf Reindeer, who sells icecream at the beach resort.

The patterns in the book are not charted, but for  Amigurumi fans there is a lot of inspiration in this book.

annika messing virkverket

I guess we all admire works done by others that we are not able to master ourselves. Working with fine thread and crafting beautiful 3 dimensional things is something I never have accomplished. My ceramics in pottery class were absolute disasters and therfore I am not into Amigurummi at all… Although I manage to make felt things in #D pretty well in my opinion ;-)

On her blog Annika shares other well crafted stuff with us like baking and sewing projects. She has a shop = butik, where she sells some of her whimsical creatures.

N.B. Annika’s blog is no longer active, but it is still worthwhile visiting to watch her crochet talent. There is a link to her shop on her site.

Annika Messing Virkverket

annika messing virkverket