Stora Symässan in Malmø

stickmässan malmø

This weekend I went to a stitch and sewing fair in Malmø, Sweden.

There were all kinds of vendors for quilting, yarn, pearls – you name what can be crafted with textiles and yarn. Many booths were beautifully decorated with finished projects and several places showed old Swedish knitting and embroidery patterns. Apparently there is still a strong connection to historic patterns.

When one does such a trip you have to buy something, else the trip wasn’t worth the ride;-) So I went for some Nordic yarn, that I haven’t crocheted with before: White lace yarn from Ullcentrum. This yarn has this special archaic yarn smell to it, which I just loove. Some bright, spring yellow Einband Lopi yarn from Iceland – and one skein Ella Rae, Lace Merino. The latter I haven’t seen in any shops here before.

I fell in love with Blommiga Gredelina’s knitted bags and garments. Her machine knitted bags are really unique and the matching sweaters as well.

blommiga gredelina knitted bag


Some impressions from the quilting expos