Antique Crochet Book

A Book Review

antique crochet book ullstein 1922

Every once in a while I go to Ebay and look for old crochet books. A couple of weeks ago I found this little treasure:

Das Häkeln: Eine Anleitung zum Erlernen der Häkeltechnik   –   Verlag Ullstein, Berlin.

It is from 1922 and in a fairly good condition. The sides of the cover are bend and the  diagrams, which came as a supplement put into the back of the book, are missing. But else this book with its 50 pages is a little gem.

It is always interesting to see, how skilled women were centuries ago and how intricate many of the patterns were. There wasn’t an abundance of yarn in ‘the good old days’ and a lot of these project were done in thread.

The 170 pictures illustrate how you make simple stitches for the novice crocheter and goes on with more advanced techniques.

The book starts with beautiful edges, which I haven’t seen in any other book before. Some of these edges are worked around motifs. The hairpin lace section has examples with bonnets, motifs and edgings. Since tunisian crochet is mentioned, this technique must have been common at the turn of the century.

The book gives advice, how you can design your own garments by using paper patterns for garments and reuse them to make crochet lingerie etc. At the end finished items are shown like vests, jumpers, hats and bags in the 1920’s style.

Do you collect old crochet or knitting books? I would love to see the links to your reviews in the comment section.

Elaborate edgings – they must have had lots of time in those days ;-)

antique crochet book ullstein 1922

Jumpers and baby items – jumper looks cool!

antique crochet book ullstein 1922

Bonnet, string bag and toy balls – babies looked cuter in those days. The string bag is really modern – an ecological market bag :-)

antique crochet book ullstein 1922