Painted Desert Scarf

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Noro Silk Garden

free crochet pattern noro kureyon scarf

This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. It is made with double crochets and double treble stitches.

Years ago I travelled through the Painted Desert in the US. The minerals in the soil there make the desert appear in many colors: The red colors are created from oxidised iron and the wonderful blue-greenish hues come from white copper. The subtle color changes in the Noro Kureyon yarn remind me of this spectacular scenery.

There is a nice shine to the wool because of the silk in it and it is also thick, so the project works up fast:-)

This pattern will make a perfect gift, when you have to crochet something in a short period of time. The yarn feels very soft next to the skin.

Every row you decrease stitches in the middle of the work, so the piece folds itself to a nice square. Because the Silk Garden yarn changes in color, you will get a nice effect with changing squares.


Yarn   4 skeins Noro Silk Garden #211, 45% mohair, 45% silk, 10% wool,   50g/101m – 1,76 ounces/109 yards.

I didn’t use the yellow colors in this yarn. So when the yellow color showed up, I broke the yarn.

Hook   5 mm    US: H/8

Tapestry needle

Finished size

Width: 13 cm/ 5 inches   Length: 200 cm –  79 inches.

Free Crochet Pattern

Chain 36

Row 1    Chain 3, 15 dc; [2 dc together] 3 times; 15 dc.

Row 2    Chain 3, 13 dc; [2 dc together] 3 times;  14 dc.

Row 3    Chain 3, 12 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 12 dc.

Row 4     Chain 3, 10 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 11 dc.

Row 5     Chain 3, 9 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 9 dc.

Row 6     Chain 3, 7 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 8 dc.

Row 7     Chain 3, 6 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 6 dc.

Row 8     Chain 3, 5 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 4 dc.

Row 9     Chain 3, 3 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 3 dc.

Row 10   Chain 3, 2 dc;  [2 dc together] 3 times; 1 dc.

Row 11    Chain 3; 1 dc; [2 dc together] 2 times; 1 dc.

Row 12   Chain 3, 4 dc crocheted together.

Row 13    Chain 3, 17 double trebles across.

Row 14     Chain 18

Repeat row 1-14 8 times.

Repeat row 1-13 once.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Below you see the charted version of the scarf and the stitch guide. You start at the bottom crocheting the chains shown in black. Then you continue the first row, which is drawn in blue. Then you do the second row, which is red, – and so on…

Only row 1-14 is shown on the chart/diagram.

noro silk garden crochet scarf chart diagram

stitch guide painted desert scarf crochet


dc   =   double crochets

sc   =   single crochets

sl st   =  slip stitch

Note: This pattern is written with US crochet terms.

If you are not familiar with these, see my conversion chart Crochet Terms in US, UK, German and Danish.

If you don’t know how to read crochet charts/diagrams read my Tutorial how to read Crochet Charts.

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noro silk garden crochet scarf

You can download this pattern as a PDF here:

PDF Painted Desert

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