3D Valentine’s Crochet Heart

free crochet pattern valentine christmas heart

A few months ago I starched a doily, so it became a bowl. This technique has been slumbering in my mind and now I crocheted this free crochet pattern for a Valentine’s heart. I tried to shape it as a 3 dimensional  ornament. You can use it as a Christmas ornament or as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

In a hobby shop I found some styropor hearts, that were used as forms for the heart.


Yarn   1 skein Marks & Kattens, Bianca in red. 100% mercerised cotton 160m/50g    175 yards/1,76 ounces.

For starching  ½ cup potato starch   ½ cup cold water     ½ cup warm water    plastic foil

Hook   7 mm   US: K/10    and    3 mm  US:C/2

Level Easy pattern for beginner crocheter

1 styropor heart

Pinning needles

Sewing needle

Finished size    Width: 13 cm – 5 inches     Length: 12 cm    4 3/4 inches


Easy Crochet Heart Pattern

Start using the 7 mm    US: K/10 hook

Crochet a magical ring. See Tutorial how to crochet magical ring.

Round 1    Chain 3, 10 dc in ring, 1 sl st in 3rd beginning chain.

Round 2    Chain3;  [2 dc in next stitch]  10 times;  1 sl st in 3rd beginning chain.

Round 3     Chain 1, 2 sc;[ 2 trebles in next stitch] 2 times; [2 dc in next stitch] 3 times; 2 sc; [2 sc in next stitch] 2 times; 2 sc,  [2 dc in next stitch] 3 times; [ 2 trebles in next stitch] 2 times; 2 sc; 1 sl st in this rows 1st chain.

Round 4    Chain 1, 1 sc; [ 2 trebles in next stitch] 2 times; [2 dc, 2 dc in next stitch] 3 times; 2 dc, 4 trebles, 2 dc; [2 dc in next stitch, 2 dc] 3 times; [2 trebles in next stitch] 2 times; 1 sc, 1 sl st in this rows 1st chain.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Make the second heart exactly as the first one.

If you are a visual crocheter it will be much easier to look at the crochet chart/diagram below.

If you are unfamiliar with reading crochet charts, please see my Tutorial how to read a crochet chart worked in the round.

crochet chart diagram christmas valentine heart

The styropor heart is now cleaved in 2 parts with a knife.

styropor heart

Put the plastic foil over the outside of the styropor heart.

heart with plastic foil

Make the starch stiffener as described in my Tutorial how to starch a doily to a bowl.

Soak the 2 heart halves with the potato starch stiffener.

Put the crocheted hearts over the plastic foil, so it covers the heart. Pin the hearts at the corners with the pin needles. You want to stretch the yarn, so the whole heart is covered. Try to remove extra starch in the spaces of the crocheted work. This starch can else be hard to remove from the spaces when the starch is fully stiffened.

pinned crochet heart

Wait a couple of days until the starch is dry. Then gently remove the foil from the crocheted heart.

You will get 2 heart halves that look like this: 2 crocheted heart grids.

3d crochet valentine heart

Cut a strand of yarn approximately 80 cm/32 inches long.

Continue with 3 mm  US:C/2  hook.

Chain 35

With the sewing needle sew the heart together at the edges, starting at the top. Make a knot where the ends meet. The 35 chains now serve as a hanger for the heart.


dc   =   double crochet

sc   =   single crochet

sl st  =  slip stitch

Pattern as PDF

You can download the pattern as a PDF. Click the button below.

PDF Valentine Heart

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