Crochet Scarf Pattern


free crochet pattern for scarf

This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. It is made with simple crochet stitches.

Papillon is the French word for butterfly. For this scarf I used the butterfly stitch, where you crochet 3 rows of chains together with a single crochet. This gives a special effect, where the chains spread out mimicking butterfly wings.

The scarf is meant to be a decorative scarf, since the big holes will not give any warmth. The mercerized cotton gives a nice shine to the project and it is also thick enough, so the project works up fast:-) This would be a perfect gift, when you have to crochet something in a short period of time.


Yarn 2 skeins Drops Muskat, #13 Marine Blue, 100%  mercerized cotton 50g – 109yards/100m.

If this specific yarn is not available to you, you could substitute it with yarn that has some silk in it. Choose a yarn that is a little stiff and gives a good stitch definition.

Hook 4 mm    US: G/6

Tapestry needle

Finished size

Level Easy for a beginner crocheter

Width: 4 inches   Length: 75 inches.

Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Chain 16

Row 1    Chain 3, 16 dc.

Row 2    Chain 3, 2 dc, chain 6, skip 4, 3 dc, chain 6, skip 4, 3 dc.

Row 3    As row 2

Row 4    Chain 3, 2 dc, chain 3, 1 sc that crochets row 2,3 and 4 together, chain3, skip 4, 3 dc, chain 3, 1 sc that crochets row 2,3 and 4 together, chain 3, skip 4, 3 dc.

Continue working row 2,3 and 4 until you reach the desired length.

Last row:  3 chains, 16 dc across.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Below you see the charted version of the scarf:

crochet chart for papillon scarf
Papillon stitch guide



dc   =   double crochets

sc   =   single crochets

Note  This pattern is written with US crochet terms.

If you are not familiar with these, see my conversion chart Crochet Terms in US, UK, German and Danish.

If you don’t know how to read crochet charts/diagrams read my Tutorial how to read Crochet Charts.

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Download PDF pattern

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If you still have trouble understanding the pattern, please watch this video someone uploaded on Youtube. The video will not exactly show you how I made the scarf. The pattern in the video is slightly different from mine. But it will give you an idea how you crochet the chain stitches together to achieve the butterfly effect, which makes this scarf look so pretty.