Crochet Christmas Ornament

Crochet Snowflakes Christmas Ornaments

crochet snowflake christmas ornament

Every Christmas I make one or two selfmade ornaments for our Christmas tree. Usually I do it with paper and try to attain a vintage look by finding inspiration in old ornaments for sale on the Internet. This year I tried to see what I could do with thin cotton yarn. This isn’t really my preferred type of yarn, because I can’t work fast with thin thread and a 2 mm crochet hook. But I managed to make these fragile snowflakes.

I like the result: The ornaments from my pattern book are meant to be snowflakes. But made in red, and aheem… shaped a little crooked, they just do get this oldfashioned look, that will work well with our other things for the tree.


From the Japanese crochet book: Motif and Edgings Designs. Bunka Publishing Bureau 2009.


Marks & Kattens, Bianca in shade #49, 100 % mercerized cotton. 50 g/160 m  1,75 oz/175 yards.


2 mm  US: B/1

The yarn is discontinued but good to work with: It didn’t split at all while working with a small crochet hook.

This morning the day started bright and sunny, – perfect for a fast photo shoot at the windows.

crochet christmas ornament snowflake star

This looks almost like a little devil:

crochet christmas ornament snowflake


11 thoughts on “Crochet Christmas Ornament

    • I didn’t use any stiffening method for the Christmas ornaments.The mercerised cotton is so stiff, that it was not needed. I have previuosly used a potato starch method,- you can read more about it in my Tips & Tutorials section. I guess sugar would attract insects, so I don’t use that.

  1. Lovely! I made a bunch of the snowflake ornaments a long time ago, for our tree. I used silver thread, which I loved. Starched them in old fashioned sugar water & stretched them out to dry. A fun project with kids.

    I like to make the snowflakes as ornaments now………..and use them laying flat on top of a gift, that is wrapped in a solid color paper. I love the simple design………….and then the recipient has an ornament in addition to the gift.

  2. It is a lovely ornament and a very nice tradition that you are developing – to have some Xmas ornaments for yourself every year. I love to crochet Xmas ornaments for gifts. They are around my home until Xmas, but then they are all gifted to family and friends and finally there is none left. Maybe I should really change this trend this year…
    Ah yes – I really like that you use charts for patterns – i find it to be the easiest way in any language :-)

  3. I really like your crocheted ornaments. Will you be sharing the patterns for them? The red will show up really nice on the tree. I bet they would be great in white too! Thank you for the great work you have been doing and sharing.

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