Crochet Terms in US, UK, Danish and German

Unfortunately crochet terms are not universal, so US crochet patterns and UK/Australia patterns use different names for the same stitches. This is very confusing for a beginning crocheter, who wants to read patterns from English sources. Not only are the terms different, but in some cases the same crochet term represents a different stitch in US/UK terminology. The term single crochet only appears in the US version. By that you can tell, which one of the two crochet lingos your patterns is written in.

I am a visual crocheter and prefer reading charts to written only patterns.  But many US patterns don’t come with crochet charts, so being able to read a pattern is of course very useful.

Since I also buy Danish crochet books and sometimes German ones when travelling, I made a chart about the most common crochet terms in those 4 languages.  I hope this will also be a help for others, who switch between these different languages.

Each crochet symbol is followed by the appropriate term in the conversion chart below.

These charts shows abbreviations used in English – US and UK, Danish and German.

crochets symbols 4 languages

4 languages abbreviations

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