Tutorial how to read a Crochet Chart/Diagram

Crochet Chart worked in the Round

 how to read crochet chart

Crochet motifs are often charted and this requires that you know the basics about reading crochet diagrams. In this tutorial I show you how to read a crochet chart with the help of the crocheted motif above.

A crochet diagram shows you the pattern by using crochet symbols. Each symbol refers to a specific crochet stitch. These symbols are used in many countries and the symbols represent the same stitches whatever they are used in Japan, Germany or Scandinavia.  That way one can read a French crochet chart pattern without speaking a single word French. This is quite cool, since many Japanese crochet patterns are gorgeous and are always accompanied with a crochet chart.

On top of this page you see a crochet motif worked in the round.

Below is a  crochet diagram  for that same motif and below that a stitch guide for the different symbols that are included in the stitch diagram. For the swatch I used only very simple crochet stitches like chains, single crochets and double crochets. (US crochet terms).

read crochet chart tutorial


Now I will take you by the hand and give you an instruction how you an learn to read crochet chart/diagrams in no time.

You start reading the chart from the center.

In the center in black you see the foundation chain. The pattern starts with 4 chains. Work a slip stitch into the first chain so you make a ring.

Row 1   The first row shown in blue is worked counter clockwise. Chain 1, work 8 single crochets into the ring, 1 slip stitch into first chain of this row.

Row 2   The second row is shown in red. Continue working counter clockwise.  Chain 6, skip 1, 1 double crochet, *3 chains, 1 double crochet*, repeat between ** 5 more times,  chain 3, 1 slip stitch into this rows 3rd beginning chain.

Row 3  The third row is green. Chain 3, 2 double crochets into this rows first chain, *chain 3, skip 3, 3 double crochets worked into previous rows double crochet*, repeat between ** 6 more times, chain 3, 1 slip stitch into this rows 3rd beginning chain.

I hope this instruction helps people, who want to work my chart only crochet patterns. You are welcome to send me a comment, if anything is unclear to you.

I have also written a tutorial how to read a row by row crochet chart.

Note: US crochet terms were used for this tutorial. For the crochet charts  I used the font stitchincrochet by Adriprints.