Free Crochet Pattern Felted Bag: Aquamarine Bag

Aquamarine Crochet Bag

felting crochet bag plötulopi

This a free pattern for a felted crochet bag. It is made with Plötulopi yarn from Iceland. This yarn is great for felting and comes in many colours. The bag is constructed of a front and a back panel. The bottom/side panel is one piece.

The handles are made with the hairpin lace technique in cotton. For this very easy crochet technique see my tutorial on hairpin lace.


Yarn 2 skeins Istex Plötulopi  in gray: 100% wool unspun, 100g/300 m-328 yards. 2 skeins Garnstudio Drops Muskat in #60 light iceblue: 100% mercerized cotton, 50 g/100 m-109 yards.

Hook  7 mm for the bag and 4 mm for the handles.

Tapestry needle and sewing needle

Sewing thread  In gray and light blue


10 cm/4 inches x 10 cm/4 inches = 12 stitches x 7 rows

Finished size

Width 26 cm/10 inches, height 16 cm – 6½ inches.

Free Crochet Bag Pattern

The bag is worked with 2 strands of yarn.

Back and Front Panel

Chain 22

Row 1:  3 chains, 1 dc 3’rd chain from hook, work 21 dc into remaining chains.

Row 2:  Chain 9, 1 dc 3’rd chain from hook, work 27 dc, now increase with 6 dc by inserting the hook through the lower part of the last stitch made – 6 times.

Row 3:  Chain 4, 1 dc 3’rd chain from hook, work 33 dc, work 2 extra dc by inserting the hook through the lower part of the last stitch made – 2 times.

Row 4:  Chain 3, make 36 dc.

Row 5: Chain 4, 1 dc into 3’rd chain from hook, work 37 dc, 2 dc into last dc.

Row 6: Chain 3, work 39 dc.

Row 7:  As row 6.

Row 8:  Chain 3, 2 dc together, work 35 dc, 2 dc worked together.

Row 9:  Chain 3, work 37 dc.

Row 10:  Chain 3, 2 dc together, work 33 dc, 2 dc worked together.

Row 11:  Chain 3, 2 dc worked together, work 31 dc, 2 dc worked together.

Row 12:  Chain 3, 2 dc worked together, work 29 dc, 2 dc worked together. 

Row 13:  Chain 3, 2 dc worked together, work 27 dc, 2 dc worked together.

Row 14:  Chain 3, 2 dc worked together, work 25 dc, 2  dc worked together.

Row 15:  Chain 3, 2 dc worked together, work 23 dc, 2 dc worked together. 

Darn in ends. Work another panel, so you have a front and a back panel.

Bottom and Side Panel

Bottom and side panels is crocheted in one piece.

Chain 6

Row 1  Chain 3, 6 dc across.

Repeat row 1 until work measures 80 cm/32 inches. (This panel is made a little longer than needed to be sure it is long enough).

Put the 3 pieces into the washing machine at 60 Celcius/140 Fahrenheit. The yarn will felt to a nice dense fabric and there will be no need for a lining.

Sew the front panel together with the bottom/side panel with gray sewing thread. Then sew the back panel together with the bottom/side panel. The seams will be slightly visible from the outside.

Cut off any extra fabric at the side panels.


Put the two prongs on your haipin lace loom 4cm/1½ inch apart.

Work 136 loops on each side.

Each side of the hairband is crocheted this way: *Pick up 4 loops keeping the twist in them and work 8 sc in the center space of the group of these 4 loops*. Repeat between ** 33 more times. See chart below.

hairpin lace hairband headband chart

Stitch Guide:

Darn in the beginning and ending thread.

Pin the handles to the outside of the bag and sew with blue sewing thread.


dc   =   double crochet

sc   =   single crochet

Note: This pattern is written with US crochet terms.

If you are not familiar with these, see my conversion chart Crochet Terms in US, UK, German and Danish.

Download this pattern as a PDF:

 PDF Aquamarine

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30 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern Felted Bag: Aquamarine Bag

  1. are you really supposed to chain 9 on row 2? this seems to leave a very large loop that you do nothing with????????

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, this is right. The bag gains a lot in width right from the beginning. Well, you do something with these loops! You crochet into them, so the bag gets its right form: “1 dc 3’rd chain from hook” it says and then you continue crocheting into the chain loops until you come to the place, where you crocheted the stitches from the previous row.

      Hope this explains your question – else contact me again :-)

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  3. I am working on you aquamarine bag. Row 1 3 chains, do mean chain 3?
    Row2 now inc 6 dc 6times. Does this mean I should have a total of 6 inc?

    • Hi Cassandra,
      Yes, 3 chains = chain 3.
      Yes, you are crocheting a sudden increase to make the bag wider at the bottom.

      I would love to see a picture of the bag, if you have a blog :-)

  4. I have finished the handles, and I am now working on the bag. In row two where you say 6 DC in the bottom of last stitch, could you illustrate that for me? I am very confused. You can draw it if you can..LOL TY for even reading this!

    • Hi Katherine,

      Here is what happens in row 2:
      You want to make an increase of 6 double crochets on both sides of the work in the same row. You did this at the beginning of the row and now you have come to the end of the row, where you still want a 6 double crochet increase to happen. You do this by inserting the hook in the lowest part of the last crocheted stitch. You could also call it the base of the stitch. You insert the hook on the left hand side and thereby you fetch the lowest possible thread from the last double crochet you made in this row.

      If this doesn’t make any sense to you I will try to post a photo of it.

      What yarn are you felting it with?
      Please write a post in this thread with a link to your blog when you have completed the bag.

      Have a nice weekend :-)

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  6. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love cool colors–so I really love the soft gray and blue here. Love the way you combined the soft felted gray with the lacey blue :)

  7. Hello!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :)
    Oh Sie sprechen Deutsch! Ich bin auch Deutsche! Aus Bayern um genau zu sein! :) Werde mir Ihr blog mal zu meinen Bookmarks speichern! :)
    Die gefiltzte Tasche sieht einmalig aus!!!

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