free japanese patterns

Free Japanese Crochet and Knitting Patterns

 Japanese crochet and knitting patterns very often come with good charts, so you do not have to speak any Japanese to make things from them.

Here is a list with free Japanese crochet and knitting patterns. The first crochet projects I ever made were Japanese. I have never been to Japan before and do not speak a single word Japanese. Many crochet patterns from Japan do not have much text in them. You simply follow the crochet charts to complete projects. Since these patterns often are very stylish it is a pleasure making the projects. Some are very intricate, while others are fast weekend projects.

Do you have problems reading these crochet charts? I wrotee 2 tutorials about reading crochet diagrams: Reading crochet charts and Reading crochet charts in the round. Check them out, if you feel uneasy with charts only crochet patterns.

It can be hard to see which yarn to use in these charts. Some of these patterns are indexed in Ravelry, where you can find the yarns from the free patterns. With this information you can find a similar yarn in your local yarn shop or on the web. There is also a Japanese knit and crochet group on Ravelry, where some of the members speak Japanese. These people are usually very helpful, when one gets stuck in an exotic pattern :-)

Pierrot Yarns       Great patterns with good charts. I especially love the great free Japanese crochet patterns found there.