Where to buy Japanese Craft Books

japanese buy crochet knitting books

Japanese crochet and knitting books are absolutely adorable! Their styling is great and you don’t have to understand any Japanese to be able to do the patterns in these books. I have crocheted several things with these pattern books and find them easier to follow than ordinary written patterns.

Below  I’m listing different sellers for Japanese crochet and knitting books.

Amazon.jp*                 Shipping to Europe takes a week

Junkudo*                       Seller from France delivers within a week

Pomadour24  *              Seller on Ebay

MeMeCraftwork          Seller on Etsy

Kinokuniya                   Japanese bookstores in the US, Japan and Australia

I can recommend sellers with an *. The other sellers have all been recommended on Ravelry.

If you love Japanese crochet books, you have to be able to read crochet charts. Crochet symbols are a universal language, which means each symbol stands for the same crochet stitch. If you don’t know anything about crochet symbols read my Tutorial on Crochet Symbols. This will enable you to read the crochet diagrams and opens up a Pandora’s box of great new crochet patterns for you.

There are many instructions out there about reading Japanese knitting patterns. One blog I can absolutely recommend is Dancingbarefoot, who has extensive tutorials about helping crafters with understanding Japanese knit and crochet.

You could also try some of the many free Japanese crochet and knitting patterns, before you actually invest in a Japanese book. Read my Free Japanese Patterns blogpost and you will get tons of links to free Japanese knitting and crochet pattern.

Do you know a great seller of Japanese craft books? Please, write a comment below, so we can all share our favourite sellers :-)

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