Hairpin Lace Headband Pattern


crochet hairband

This is a free pattern for an easy  Hairpin Lace Crochet Headband/Hairband. An ideel project for the novice to hairpin lace. Use it as a quick made gift!


  • Yarn 1 skein Drops Muskat, #03 Mint, 100%  mercerized cotton 50 g – 109 yards/100 m.
  • Hook 4 mm
  • Hairpin Lace Loom
  • Tapestry needle

Technique  Hairpin Lace and crochet

Finished size 34 cm   13½ inches long without braided ends. Width:   3½cm   1½ inches.

Hairpin Lace Headband Pattern

For a photo tutorial on the hairpin lace crochet technique see my hairpin lace tutorial.

Put the two prongs on your haipin lace loom 4 cm/1½ inches apart.

Work 68 loops on each side. Each side of the hairband is crocheted this way: *Pick up 4 loops keeping the twist in them and work 8 single crochets in the center space of the group of these 4 loops*. When you have made the first 4 single crochets pull the yarn, so the 4 single crochets are placed at the very right side of your work. Then you have enough space to add the last 4 single crochets and the work will look neat and even.
Repeat between ** 16 more times. See chart below.

hairpin lace hairband headband chart

Stitch Guide:

Darn in the beginning and ending thread of the hairband.

Cut 6 80 cm/12 inches strands of yarn. Pull 3 strands through each end of the hairband, so the strands are equally long. Braid the strips together, so you can tie the headband.

Make a knot at the end of the braided strips.

Note: This pattern is written with US crochet terms.

If you are not familiar with these, see my conversion chart Crochet Terms in US, UK, German and Danish.


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