Hairpin Lace Crochet Tutorial

Basic Loops

Hairpin lace is a very easy technique. Here I show you how to make the basic loops. These loops can be braided or crocheted together in various ways.

To create hairpin lace strips you need a hairpin lace loom.

You work hairpin lace by winding yarn around the prongs of the loom. That way you make loops that are held together by crochet in the center of the prongs.

This is a Prym loom where you put the prongs into holes in the top and down plasticholders. This way you can create different widths for your loops.

hairpin lace loom

 Make a slip knot.

hairpin lace tutorial slip knot -

hairpin lace tutorial 3

Make a slip knot and put the left prong through it and fasten it to the loom. Center the knot right in the middle between the prongs, else your loops will not be the same length to the left and right. 

Take the yarn over the right prong and behind the loom.

hairpin lace tutorial 2

Draw the hook from beneath through the left loop. Yarn over hook and draw yarn through loop – chain 1.

hairpin lace tutorial 5

hairpin lace tutorial 6

The hook is now being flipped from the front side of the loom to the back side through the loom.

  hairpin lace tutorial 7

 Turn the loom clockwise and catch the hook when it comes in front of you.

how to make hairpin lace crochet

With the hook in front insert the hook from beneath through the left loop. Work a single crochet.

Continue working like this: Flip the crochet hook through the loom and work a single crochet from beneath into a previous loop. Work until you have made the desired amount of loops.

tutorial hairpin lace crochet

When there is nomore space on your loom to put the hook through the loom you can open the loom at the bottom and pull some loops out. This way you will get new space for more loops.

Before you pull the loops out insert a safety strand of yarn through the loops on the left and on the right side. This way your loops don’t get tangled up when they are taken off the loom and they are in perfect order for getting crocheted.

For counting loops you can insert stitch markers on the loops.

If your pattern says you need to make 200 loops, you have to crochet 200 loops on both sides of the loom.

Here are some of my free hairpin lace patterns:

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