internatioal crochet magazines

 International Crochet Magazines

This is a list of links to international crochet magazines. Please contact me, if you know of any other crochet mags that could be added to this list.

Interweave Crochet       US magazine, 4 issues a year

Crochet!       US magazine, 6 issues a year

Crochet Today      US magazine, 6 issues a year

OZ Verlag      This German publisher sells 4 different crochet magazines. 2 with clothes: Häkeltrends and Die Kleine Diana, one with filet crochet: Filethäkeln leicht gemacht and one with home decor: Dekoratives Häkeln. Die kleine Diana is also available in French as Diana Tendances Crochet.

Inside Crochet   A UK based crochet magazine.

Ewa Crochet      French crochet magazine

Ideal Crochet        French crochet magazine

Elena Ouvrage      French filet crochet magazine.

Duplet      Crochet magazine from the Ukraine with amazing creations in it. Available from sellers at Ebay and at duplet-crochet.

Rowan Magazine      Mainly knitting patterns, but always features a couple of crochet ones as well.

Crochetvolution      Online crochet magazine with free crochet patterns.